Be a keeper, Ladies!

The story doesn’t end once you’ve got the man hooked onto you! That’s where it begins, girls. And trust us; the previous ‘episodes’ were the easy ones. Now is the time to prove your mettle. So, how to retain your men is the million dollar question here. No matter how many jokes men make on us women, their thought process is equally difficult to decipher! And yes, books may give you an insight, but we believe first-hand experience is more workable and reliable, simply because it’s tried and tested!

To begin with, never be a ‘tag-along’! Let the boys have some too, just like we girls go. So, what if your guy insists! Give him his own space to enjoy in and expect him to do the same for you. Always remember that your life does not revolve around him. Nor does his! Everyone has a life that is separate from your relationship. If you don’t have one yet, begin today! Join a cooking class, shake a leg in a salsa session or go out for a girls-only outing. Space is crucial and important. Never invade his space and don’t let him invade yours either.

Girls, please DON’T bombard your guy with phone calls! This can really get annoying, especially for your guy. Stop being sticky! It will make him want to run miles away from you. Always keeping an eye on him is really going to make him burst out with fury one fine day and is sure to fix your break up date! Steer clear from such behavior.

Always plan new things to do with your guy! Doing the same thing over and over again will get extremely boring and will lose its charm. Make bucket lists, try out new experiences and make fresh memories. Experimenting is the key to keep the relationship alive and keeping the guy hooked onto you.

Next on the list is to stop being overtly mushy and pushy all the time! It’s really going to blow him up. An over-dose of mushy-pushy behavior is a big no-no and also a total turn off. It is something to be reserved for a ‘once-in-a while’ thing. And being extremely mushy in public is sure to make him red in the face and look for a corner to hide out of embarrassment!

And last, but not the least, don’t be rude to his friends and family. You need to accept them however nasty, ugly and lame they are!

Hope the above tips help you. Go ahead and make us proud, girls!

Break-up Recovery: It can be Cool Enough!

Don’t be a mess

Just been through a breakup? Having the crushing feeling? It’s hard to forget and forgive as the involvement becomes your whole world. But face reality- it’s over, don’t be a depressing bloke! You are still in your prime, and there are endless beauties trying to achieve stability just like you. Why not give them a chance and earn the right maiden? You never know you might chance upon a better one and life might take a 360 degree turn all over again. It’s just a matter of time, and you are definitely eligible enough to be swooned over, so now come on!

Get over

With dating sites abuzz on the net, locating a significant one wouldn’t be much of a problem. All you need is the gumption to look at the sunnier side of life and start all over again. Never say never! Life has a lot of happiness to bestow; you just need the acumen to spot it. So coming back, if you are all geared up, let’s start the search for you!

So if you have hit on a hot dating site, just go by the profile and find a match that suits you best. After you are done with the search, take it a step further, take the initiative to call, know and engross her in nice chat sessions .Make her eager and impatient for your calls. The duration of the calls will decide how interested she’s into you. When confident enough, invite her on a date .Remember it’s the first time you are going to meet her face to face- this calls for some preparation.

Gearing up for the d-day

First and foremost put the best attire on for the day, neither too formal nor to casual. A nice shirt or t-shirt teamed with a rugged pair of jeans, with a dashing jacket; will work bang on. Clean shaven, with an engaging perfume will get the desired effect. All fit and date-ready. Now get going!

Do buy a bouquet of rose and a chocolate box for the lady when you go, this will create an impression. Now one thing, don’t look surprised when she approaches, guys have this tendency. Of course you have chosen a stunning girl for yourself, so don’t get dazzled. Instead greet her cordially, and lead her to the seat. Let her settle down well. It’s no secret that girls too feel the nervous jitters, in spite the brave jovial look. So don’t get her excited. Order drinks and get on with your lovey -dovey talk. Be a gentleman and let her take the lead, girls appreciate it.

This is just the start, there’s lot to go boy, so keep the conversation on. Don’t let the situation slack. If you find her calmed and comfortable enough try out some touch maneuvers. Be gentle, but pass the vibe .If she relents, it’s a green signal for you, an absolute win-win situation. You are going great. Finally, this is indication enough to turn over a page and move on with this new one.

End the day with a kiss, keep it simple with just a peck and fix the next date then and there. Here’s wishing you loads of work!

Is she ready to get between the sheets?

So, you’ve been seeing him/her for some time now and now want to take things forward, to the next level. The level where you are ready to hit the sack with your partner! But is your darling ready for it?

It is never a good thing to impose a decision on your love. Neither would you want to embarrass yourself or your date with a direct question like ‘Wanna have sex?’ or something a little more subtle like ‘Wanna get naughty?’ Guys are usually open about sex and are often driven by the “get it done” syndrome, whether it is a quickie or a complete sexual escapade. On the other hand, girls are coy and need time to speak their mind or go wild. The fairer sex definitely has their reservations, inhibitions before they get into the mood and spell out ‘let’s go for it honey.’ Don’t just assume that she’s ready- if she resists your overtures, back off- else that day might be marked as your last date! Respect your date’s opinions and feelings, first and foremost, and she will do the same! Here we have a series of hints that you could recognize to identify if your babe is ready for a little action between the sheets or not!

To begin with, recognize if she has started to talk more about sex with you- maybe in the form of jokes or questions or sharing her fantasies. Even sexual compliments like ‘You have a nice, shapely butt!’ and some more conversations bordering on appreciation related to your sharp features, chiselled look, etc. – are big hints, boy! She might as well initiate dirty talk with you! This is one of the foremost yet the mildest signs for you to pick up on.

You may also notice that she is getting a little touchy with you or just can’t get her hands off you. A feathery touch or some intentional body contact while you’re together shows that even if she is not ready to hit the bedroom, a lip-lock, some moments of fondling or cuddling is not very far away! She gets close enough than ever before and when such closeness or proximity does not bring in any moments of awkwardness; you know the time can soon be ripe for you on the romantic front, giving vent to your intentions of being naughty- though the ‘degree of naughtiness’ will vary! Other signs include that she would want to spend more ‘only-us’ time and less in group or joint dates. You guys try to bond more when alone and slowly progress to subtly and fondly touching each other in intimate places like those assets, the butt, the lower back, the inner thighs and other sensitive, erogenous spots.

And yes, the sure shot sign that your date is ready is if she invites you, also mentioning that she is home alone! So, it’s obvious that she is not inviting you to ‘just chill, ‘‘watch a movie’ or try out a ‘new recipe together.’ Such are lame, and we say it again lame excuses!

Pick up these signs immediately and set the ball rolling, all between the sheets! And of course, be prepared for it, if not thoroughly, at least a little! After all, it’s a make it or break it opportunity!

All the best, Men!

romantic movie at your date

Sexy Movies to Watch on Date Night to Get in the Mood!

So you have planned a romantic evening for your date, and you are hoping for something steamy in the later part of the night. But how do you make sure things go well enough to make her want you? Let’s just assume the date goes really well and none of you want it to end. So you invite her over to your place for some dessert and a movie. If she agrees to that idea, this is your chance! To make your woman hot and horny, all you need to do is pick up some sexy movies and let things flow!

Which movies should you get?

You will find date movies that require pop corn, cola, and guaranteed eye rolling all through the night. Save those cheesy romantic movies for some other time. On date night, you bring out movies that offer sex references in the right manner, be it explicitly or through sexual innuendos. Erotic movies filled with suggestive banters happen to be perfect date movies. However, do not make the mistake of bringing out your porn collection! You don’t want to make it so obvious! Check out the following list of entertaining, time-tested movies that will turn the both of you on:

Dangerous Liaisons

A story of lust, seduction and betrayal, Dangerous Liaisons truly deserves a spot on this list. Starring famous names like John Malkovich, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer, this movie has a passionate heat that bubbles underneath accents, powdered wigs and corsets. Here, you will see innocents being taught to seduce, while the guilty continues to lie and live hang in the balance. Dangerous Liaisons is a classic that will tempt you to enter the forbidden zones of pleasure.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

If you are in the mood for a Spanish dark romantic comedy flick that features the sexy Antonio Banderas, “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” is the movie for you. Very few movies have combined elements of sex, addiction, childhood abuse and damaged psyches so successfully that even Stockholm syndrome seems hot and lusty! You will get to see a lot of bondage in the movie. So if the two of you are into that kind of stuff, you are surely going to have a good time!

Y Tu Mama Tambien:

If you are a true movie buff, you shouldn’t shy away from a movie even if it is Spanish, especially if it is smoking hot! In fact, even the word hot would fall short when describing this movie. The movie tells the story of two young boys and their sexual journey with an erotic older woman who is open about having sex with them. The sex scenes in this movie are well shot, and they would surely make the two of you craving for some action!

So get these movies downloaded, and get ready for an exciting night of erotic fun!

Sweep your date off their feet with a kiss

Now let’s take a mini step forward. You’re done with your date and are quite impressed with him/her. So how about taking things a little forward, step by step? So, how to prepare yourself for a kiss, you may ask. Well, to begin with, always keep mints handy! Or, if you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re on mints, chew on some fennel seeds. At least for that day, steer clear from pungent foods like onions, garlic, ginger and other similar ones to keep bad breath and body odor off bay! You obviously don’t want to horrify your date like that, after all!

The next step should be to keep your lips moisturized with the lip balm. Men, please don’t use flavored ones, else you date might end up questioning your masculinity. Stick to unscented and unflavored lip balms to treat those chapped, dry, flaking lips, so that it feels soft and plump to you date. Women, with all means, go ahead with flavored balms. You can even indirectly ask what their favorite fruit or flavor is, and surprise them with it. Varieties are many- chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry. Choices are galore!

Next, make sure to drop hints that you want to kiss them. You can gently suck and softly bite onto your lips while looking into their eyes, thus dropping subtle hints to let them know what is on your mind. Some people prefer to be pleasantly surprised whereas some people like to know what is going to happen next. So, depending on that, choose your move calculatively.

Set the environment for your kiss. Look deep into his/her eyes lovingly. Grab your partner by the waist with one hand to pull them closer to a kissing proximity. Then gently use your hand to angle their face and plant your lips softly onto theirs. Softly suck onto their lip and savoring their taste, like you’re sucking onto a fruit. Make sure to be gentle and avoid the clanking of teeth with your partner’s – it could get a little embarrassing. Then gently release your lips from your darling’s and look into her eyes appreciatively and if you want, you can give them a gentle hug or hold their hand to let them know that you really had a good time with them.

Now are you kiss-ready? Go ahead and make us proud and sweep them off their feet, boys and girls!

5 Things You Should Never Do On a Date

Landing a date with a hottie is a matter of great excitement. But for some, dates are all about stomach-churning anticipation, anxiety and sweaty palms! If you happen to be a shy guy, who gets even more nervous around women, you must be plagued by the thought of all the things that can go wrong. Sadly, as it turns out, we often end up committing the mistakes that we are so afraid of! A number of factors determine how your date will go, and if things go smoothly, the evening may transition into an exciting and eventful night. To make sure you don’t do anything to mess things up, take a look at the list of 5 things that you should never do on a date:

Be gross:

That is one rule that guys should remember when they have a date. Even if your sense of hygiene isn’t that great, you must clean up for the special occasion. Scruffy beard, smelly armpits and dirty clothes will make a woman run in the opposite direction from you! So make sure you shower, shave or trim the “man beard”, and wear nice and clean clothes. But it does not end here. Make sure you keep from acting gross around her. Do not burp or fart noisily; do not pick your nose or act clumsy and uncomfortable. Present your most gentlemanly side, and you will earn great rewards!

Show up drunk or high:

Yes, you are nervous, but it does not mean that you can get a few drinks or smoke up at a joint just to calm your nerves! Even though it is common sense to be sober on a date, many people don’t realize how risky it might be if they show up with slurred speech and a trippy walk. If you want to charm your woman, make sure you are in your full senses. Say the right things and make her laugh with your awesome sense of humor! Being tipsy can ruin the whole plan.

Order messy food:

Not everyone follows the table etiquette of the British royals, and you are not expected to be so uptight about eating. But since you will be nervous, you are more likely to make clumsy mistakes. So, it does not hurt to be safe. Avoid foods that you are uncomfortable eating. For example, if you cannot eat with chopsticks, better not order something that involves the use of chopsticks! Also, if you don’t want to drop sticky sauce on your shirt, avoid things like pasta or spaghetti.

Talk about past relationships:

There is nothing more depressing than to hear your date moan about how his ex ruined his life, or how pathetically he is still in love with her! If you don’t want your date to make up some excuse and leave even before dessert arrives, make sure you keep your past in the past! Because obviously that ship has sailed, and there is nothing that you can do about it! Instead talk about how lovely it is being with her.

…Or about marriage and babies:

Just like your date doesn’t want to hear about your ex, know that she is not interested to know how you have already pictured your future with her! There is nothing scarier than hearing the other person talk about commitment, marriage and having kids together on the very first date! That is a huge red flag that you don’t want to be flailing around!

So, now that you have the guide, make sure things fall perfectly as planned. Gear up for some fun!

Tipping your Friend on his First Date

So your shy buddy has ultimately got someone who makes him feel different or taste that nectar of romance? Is he too shy to make the right move? You being quite an ace in matters of the heart- would like to help him? As a well wisher you don’t want him to miss out on this! How about preparing him for the d-day with the right kind of spunk and advice? – Get going boy!

Here’s how you can tip him:

On the first move-

You are well acquainted with your friend’s nature. He is the type who needs time to open up, but once started he can be a fireball. But this is something his date will never be familiar with, unless given the push. Don’t make him go right against his temperament, as this might only make him look stupid. The girl has selected him for what he is, and this means half the race won. All you are asked to do is teach him the etiquettes of dating, so that he doesn’t put up a self-restraining show in front of her.

A gift for the lady

Suggest him to take a flower or a bouquet for the lady, even though it’s the first time. This creates a real impression on her. Don’t overdo it; at the most you can add a chocolate box with it.

The venue

This is very important as this decides the comfort of both the individual. Tip your friend in tune with his budget and desires. He can decide on a nice restaurant with a cool ambience. Neither too flashy nor drab, but somewhere in between! The choice of the venue signifies the hunk’s taste. Trying to flaunt money can put her off. Girls are mostly interested with the romantic aspect than the monetary factor.

For Starters:

Ask your buddy to start the romantic tryst in a restaurant in a grand way! He can start with a glass of wine or juice whatever the lady pleases. He can order a strong drink like whiskey on the rocks or scotch for himself. Strong is the need! Comfort is the key!

Now the conversation

This depends on the type of girl that your friend is dating. If she has a jovial disposition let her start chit-chats, as such chicks usually like taking the lead, and a gentleman will always allow her. If she is soft and mild, he can try indulging her by asking about her hobby and likes. Your friend needs to play the game of engaging her with his witticism, sense of humor and his amiable nature, so that she slowly opens up. Jazz up the talk the way she is soaking in by judging her sense of involvement in the conversation. Praise her in between and she won’t mind even a flurry of compliments about her dress, bag or her pair of tiptoes!

After the dinner

Once your friend is over with the food and chit-chat, caution him not to check time again and again, for getting back home. If he is not happy with the way his date has gone, then only he will opt for this option, otherwise not! He can go for a short stroll. While walking, he can effortlessly try touching her (make it accidental, a word of caution- don’t make it look you are a desperate soul). Now this must be done tactfully, as most will not like it at the first date and might tag him as a pathetic and desperate fellow. If she reciprocates well to the slight touches, then its signal enough for him to go further. Clasp hands with hers. He can definitely make the effort of saying something that will make her laugh or be a good listener, whatever the situation demands. This first time is enough to decide where the relationship is actually heading to.

If everything goes well, he can seal it with a deep parting kiss! Let his taste linger even after he parts. She will definitely call to take matters further.

How to Seduce Her on the First Date

So you are finally going on a date with the hot girl that you have been eyeing for long. Nothing can beat the excitement of the first date, but it can also be nerve wracking! You want to make her want you, but you are not good at the game of seduction. What to do? When it comes to the art of seduction is concerned, most men tend to think it is all about dirty talking. You say a few sexual words, and you are on! Even though sexual innuendos do play an important role, they are not everything. There are aspects involved. Check out the following tips to bring out your sexual charm without appearing like a creep:

Touch her the right way:

Touch is the most powerful tool of seduction. You can say a lot with just one touch. So, you must know how to touch a woman right, or else you may seem like a man who just wants to take advantage of the situation. You need to be gentle, and you must take it slow. You cannot simply reach out to grab her butt, no matter how tempted you are. You can start off with gently touching her arm, or placing your hand on her hand while you two are at the table. When introducing her to someone, you can keep your hand on her lower back.

Remember placing your hand high up on her back may land you in friend zone (you don’t want to go there!) and if you let it wander off to further south, it could make you seem desperate. So the best spot would be right above her butt. The slower you go with the touching part, the more patient you will seem. This will make her comfortable, and let her open up to you sexually.

Give her a mind-blowing kiss:

Women put too much emphasis on the first kiss. That is why you need to make the first kiss perfect so that she can’t wait to kiss you again. The rule is to see how the date goes, and kiss her when you drop her at her door. You don’t necessarily have to wait that long to get a taste of her soft lips. While you two are in a nice and romantic setting, talking, laughing and having a good time, you can pause for a while to take in her beauty. Look deep into her eyes and breathe words of desire, something like “I’d die to kiss you right now”. If she responds with a smile, you can lean in and pause till she fills the gap and the magic happens!

Be attentive to her needs in bed:

If everything goes right, you may just get lucky! While you two are getting got, kissing each other fervidly, you cannot just skip steps and ignore her needs. Be attentive to what her body is telling you. Take your time with the foreplay and make sure she is having a good time too.

Dating tips for Women (from Men)

Figuring out a man’s mind is as good as finding a needle in a hay stack! So, we decided to let men tell us what exactly is the composition of a successful and perfect date. So, here we compile for you some of the most important tips that if you women follow religiously, you’re sure to crack every nut on this planet!

To begin with Women, never stuff yourself with food! You really don’t want to appear like a glut after all, or maybe give him the impression that you’re just a hungry little kid who can’t resist herself at the sight of food! Research says that men are more attracted to women who eat less, or at least pretend to eat less. Chew your food elegantly with your mouth closed- they really don’t want to know what goes on inside your mouth. If you do these well, chances are that you might even get kissed on your first date!

Sit like a woman with your ankles crossed under the chair or with your legs together or one leg crossed over the other and lean slightly forward when he talks. Maintain that poise and charm with the way you sit, because you want to give him the impression that you are classy and not just another chick with unpolished ways! It can be a complete dread for a man to see a woman who sits like a local goon!

Please use a good perfume. You don’t want to be a stinky pig on your first date! Maybe choose something floral and feminine like Chanel No.5 or Incanto. Or a body mist from Body Shop or Victoria’s Secret will do too. A very strong perfume can be a disaster too, so don’t overdo it. Keep it faint, but inviting.Dab the perfume on your pulse points, behind your ears, the cavity under your throat, the inner wrists and others. The scent is enough to set your date rolling!

Don’t forget to laugh at his jokes. Not like guffaws, but a dainty laugh no matter how lame his jokes are. That is sure to let a connect set in between you guys. Keep it subtle, yet mysterious and let your eyes do all the talking.

Women, we know you hate to shell out cash from your pockets, but please always offer to dutch if not to pay the whole amount. It shows that you are a woman of worth and not a parasite. Please don’t be all so willing to let him pay. Even if you want him to pay, show some apprehension, and then finally agree. Show some mettle, ladies! Lastly, don’t just jump into bed with him, no matter how badly you want to. Make him work a little for it, else they’ll get the impression that you’re easy. Play a little hard, and it is sure to get him hooked!

Now that the mystery behind a successful date is revealed, Women, go ahead and make us proud! All the very best! Cheers!

Dating tips for Men (from Women)

Dating is not child’s play. It needs a lot of patience to really get to know your partner, his or her likes and dislikes, wants and needs. And not to forget, those self made rules for dating every one of us adhere to, based on our own tastes and preferences. But yes, some rules are general that make the sure shot key to a successful date.

To begin with, Men, please never forget to open the door for your woman. It shows that you’re a gentle man and know how to really treat a lady! This is one thing that most men forget to do. And so what if everyone around you preaches equality? Even a man of his worth never forgets to do this, no matter how liberal his thoughts are. And of course, it is sure to leave a very good impression on your babe!

Another thing to keep in mind is to wear a good perfume. Research says that the first thing of attraction other than a person’s physique and looks is how they smell. If you smell good, your woman will be ready to move mountains just to be with you- take our word for that!

Always make her laugh. Maybe you could brush up on your jokes a few hours before the date, because the key to a successful date is to never be out of topics to talk on! The moment you feel a vacuum, fill it up with your jokes and tickle her funny bone! Otherwise, you both would end up staring at the walls or looking at other people, which we’re sure you wouldn’t want! After all, the date is supposed to be special, a way to connect with your prospective better half!

And yes, always offer to pay the bills. We agree that it’s a hole in the pocket, but a woman of her worth will always ask to go dutch, because she understands that it takes a lot of hard work to earn. But still, always offer to pay the bill and don’t jump at the offer of dutching right after those words come off her lips. Show a little bit of apprehension and then eventually agree. Else you know what kind of an impression you’ll be giving her!

Finally, don’t just ask to jump into bed with her. It will give her the impression that you’re just another desperate guy who was waiting to get into her pants. Give it time and make the plunge when she’s ready for it!

Take care of these few pointers that we have mentioned here, and we’re sure that you will make yourselves (and us) proud, Men!

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