Few Tips On Your Turnout For Your First Date (For the Gentlemen)

After weeks and weeks of chatting over the chosen dating site, it is time to meet your special lady in person. So, it is quite natural and justified if you are turning blue out of sheer anticipation and nervousness. Besides over-thinking the outcome of the evening, the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’ is also very likely to be ticking your stress levels towards the deeper end.

History has shown through numerous instances that the turnout of a Man plays a very important role in deciding how well they will fare with the fairer gender. Things, however, don’t have to be as strenuous as they seem. If you go by the basics and can manage to keep yourself from committing excesses motivated solely by an overwhelming urgency to please the onlookers, you can actually sail through the ordeal of choosing and sporting the right outfit for your first face-to-face date.

Here are a few tips that are sure keep you on the right track

Dress according to venue – While choosing your outfit, you must keep the venue of the date in mind. Say for example, you have chosen a very popular yet cozy multi-cuisine food joint, try not to land in your best business suit and a homburg hat. Going neatly casual is what will strike chords here. Similarly, if you have chosen a high street restaurant with dinner reservations, try to arrive in the type of clothes that suit the ambience.

Ban shabbiness – Irrespective of the venue or the type of clothing you have chosen to sport, you will have to ensure banning shabbiness at all costs. Whether casual or semi formal, make sure that your clothes are well pressed and washed. Do not arrive in your home clothes or clothes that are out of shape or with faded colors. This will reflect that you are undermining the importance of the date.

Shoes can speak – If you have been thinking that the lady will be so sold on your looks that she will not look at your feet, think again! On the first date, there is always the possibility of your shoes speaking more about you than your words. So, ensure at any cost that the shoes are clean and in good shape.

Don’t underestimate the importance of manicure and pedicure – Ladies also take keen interest in the maintenance / cleanliness of the extremities. So, you cannot extend your hands before ensuring removal of nasty boogers from your fingernails. A manicure and a pedicure can reveal your ‘classy’ side which most ladies find very difficult to resist.

5 Things You Must NEVER Do On Your Second Date

If you have managed to steal a second date after the first with the special person you met through a dating site or otherwise, it is only justified for your confidence to fly off the roof. However, more often than not, this confidence has been seen to go way out of hand to interrupt an otherwise promising beginning of a beautiful relationship. Keeping your head on your shoulders is thus, the call of the second date and there is no room for displays of desperation in any way whatsoever.

So, conditioning your conscious self with a few basic facts about the things that you must never do on your second date can help you overcome the obstacles and lead the relationship to guaranteed success. Here are a few major DONTs that are sure to help in keeping you on the right track…

1) Propose marriage – Just because your date has agreed to meet you again, it does not in any way indicate that he / she is interested in tying the lifelong know with you. If you jump to ‘will you marry me’ without any prior warning, you could take it for granted that your date will excuse himself / herself and flee through the open door. So, please refrain from even mentioning the word ‘marriage’ or its synonyms in your second date (or even the 3rd or 4th for that matter).

2) Discuss babies – Discussing babies is usually a subtle way of hinting marriage of knots of the like. So, unless you chance upon seeing a really cute, attention-grabbing baby, don’t bring the topic up in your conversation. Try and stick to topics that don’t propel the thought process of your date towards serious responsibilities that may have to be shouldered in the future.

3) Throw yourself on the other – Accept it… we are all adults and we recognize body language. However, when possessed by desperation, people often get tempted to oversee the barriers. So, when it is time to kiss your date Goodnight, try not to stick your tongue down his / her throat. Wait for things to blossom.

4) Offer very personal and very expensive presents – This goes out mainly to the gentlemen who go way overboard to display their enthusiasm towards the lady of their interest. The rule is, second date is never the time to inflict diamonds, perfumes or even lingerie on the latter. While the gifts may be a little irresistible, but they do tend to make the receiver slightly uncomfortable. In a way, such present indicate the desire for commitments which the lady may not be in a position to make.

5) Introduce your date to parents – There are better surprises to arrange for in a second date than pulling your doting parents out of the hat. This never works. In fact, this is one of those reasons that can make your date turn around, run for life and never look back. Topping it up with making an open declaration that the newly introduced person is your girl / boyfriend can cast a death blow to the budding relationship.

Always remember that slow and steady wins the race. So, giving time and space is critical as far as creating and maintaining a happy relationship is concerned.

How To Tell If Its Love, Lust or Infatuation?

Most of us have faced this dilemma in our relationships- is it love or just plain lust? Or the most dangerous of all- infatuation! Without knowing the difference between the three, you can’t really see where your relationship is going and how fruitful and worthy it is. Choices are tough, with this whole whirlpool of thoughts and that never-ending friction between the heart and the mind. So, let’s make it easy for you.

Lust is when your thoughts about that person begin with intimacy and that intense desire for physical proximity. It is this selfish yet strange sexual attraction where care and concern comes much later- those adrenaline gushing moments of pleasure is what keeps your coming back for more. There is hardly any mental connect or a heart-to-heart bonding that keeps the relationship thriving. A lustful relationship is perfect for the experimentalists who are continuously exploring and are looking for some adventure and epinephrine.

Infatuation or puppy love, on the other hand is the appearance of being in love where you predominantly can’t stop thinking about them. It is this mental obsessions governed by the thought of possessing that person, that drives this feeling of infatuation. This one is mostly based on appearance and the charming personality of who you think is ‘The One’ for you. Infatuation is short lived because once you get to know that person they no longer interest you as much as they did earlier and the charm starts to fade away as quickly as it started! Infatuation glosses over arguments and is selfish till the point when you know you can’t extract anymore of what you need from them.

Whereas, love doesn’t happen overnight! It grows with time and distance. It is that foundation which makes both the people grow and mature together, selflessly and not think of possessing them in any which way. The feeling which makes you feel at home when they are around and that tender affection that makes you hear things that are unsaid and feel all that is unexpressed. Sacrifice also makes an important part of love where you knowingly or unknowingly keep your partner’s needs before yours. Here, the depth of love is directly proportional to how much you care, without letting distance and time get into the way. Every flaw is gracefully accepted and you feel liberated that is, not having to pretend you’re someone that you’re not. One can only understand love through instincts; there is no defining term, demonstrations or ground rules for this one.

A healthy relationship is such that where all the three- love, lust and infatuation meet; like a Venn diagram intersecting right in the centre. Because, one without the other two is as good as food without salt and spice!

Hope we’ve managed to connect the dots. Now it’s time for some action, lads and lasses!

Love Bites

Write your unsaid story with love bites

Hickeys, by definition are passionate affairs. So, no matter how much we smirk and smile sheepishly seeing them, we know that the flaunter has had a ‘good time’! They symbolize the flirty-fun element of the connection you share with your date and are also a measure of how intense your relationship is. A mix of lust and ardor, love bites are like artworks of impassioned love that has grown overtime.

Hickeys mean different things for different people. For some, it is like marking their territory; their property to keep off ‘trespassers’, whereas, for some, it is an expression of a zealous sexual moment of ecstasy. That lovely crimson-bluish hue of the hickey simply is a reminder of the good times you’ve had with your partner and how much you look forward to having another such invigorated time with them. It is also that internal conflict between wanting to cover those bruises up and at the same time wanting to flaunt that you’ve got one that makes it such a struggle. That amusement you get from pointing out a hickey on a friend’s neck and squealing ‘who on Earth gave you THAT??’ in carrying tones is priceless. Like a badge of honor and a rite of passage, hickeys are a part of most teenage dreams and a masterpiece made with immense passion.

Now we get there- how exactly to give a memorable hickey? Well, you don’t need to suddenly turn into a blood-sucking vampire to give a prominent one. Make your own trademark, your own style so that when people see a hickey on your partner’s neck, they know it’s none other than you.  Start by gently nibbling at your chosen spot for hickey- places like the nape of the neck, the breasts, the back and shoulders, the inner thighs and the butt cheek are the most popular hickey targets. The chosen areas should basically be fleshy to cushion any sort of pain. Get high on your partner’s aroma, hold him tight and gently bite into him and suck onto that area. Add flavor to it by running your hands down his sturdy features, lock your hands and fingers wherever they feel in place. Feel your darling’s breath on your skin and your breath gently finding solace on your partner’s skin. Interlock your fingers with theirs and feel the passion grow and let it slowly rise, from step to the other. Go with the flow and let the magic unfurl.

Of course, make the hickey a prominent one- after all what’s the point of giving one which is not even prominent and does not remind your partner of you and the passionate times you’ve shared? Make it large. And a lovely shade of bloodshot red-blue-violet!

Go ahead and paint your stories on your partner’s canvas like body. And make us proud!

Swish her off her feet with the three magical words-I Love You!!

You have dated your girl enough at a restaurant, how about riding to a secluded place this time. Just the two of you spending some me-time in each other’s company with nobody to disturb you. Matters can get really hot. You definitely get the point! Isn’t it?

As you plan, don’t reveal the whole agenda but give her partial hints of your romantic date and keep her guessing all the way. And, and, you are taking your bike this time and not the car. Look the dapper you in a smart biker jacket, all gelled and shaved, and pick her sharp at the venue as planned .Don’t keep her waiting as this really turns off a girl.

Settle the lady well in the pillion seat and start off with a jerk. Consciously make her fall on you to pitch her close in contact. You know what you are heading for, so better make it evident to her now. Drive safely, girls have this tendency to panic,but once away from the hustle -bustle of the city street, gear up for speed.

As you enter the smooth asphalts of the country side, utilize this opportunity in your favor. She has been maintaining a tiny-winy distance from you; this shouldn’t be the case now. If you can’t lever the confidence enough to say her directly, then let your intensions speak what you prefer. While vrooming at a high speed, clutch and brake at every opportunity, forcing her to make the physical contact with you. Also don’t miss the bumps, voluntarily maneuver your bike over it, purposely choosing to be erratic when you ride. Wait for her to complain and when she ultimately does, La! You have earned what you wanted. Innocently ask her to hold you tight from the back, and finally when she does enjoy the ride and her warmth all the way. You have earned it the smart way and now you got to enjoy it!

When you think you have left the city far behind, choose a pleasant location and park there for some time. Usher the lady from her seat and take her for a stroll, holding her hand, then changing the arm position to her waist and ultimately pulling her close to you. Don’t let nervousness take over you. Understand, she is with you because you have earned her faith in you, so make hay while the sun shines. Don’t talk much and spoil the mood rather exhibit your feelings with your touches and eye contact. And finally when you think the moment has become enigmatic enough- speak out the three magical words-I love you!

Make her feel special. Her batting eyelids and blushing red cheeks will make it clear enough what she feels for you. And when all’s well, chin her up and seal it with a soft, gentle lingering kiss. Make her reel with your charm and while she weakly sag in your arms, collect her gently in your strong embrace.

The Essence of First Kiss on a Date

Tips to get kiss ready-

Considering the fact that both of you have met each other, bombarded each others ‘ inboxes with countless messages and made n-number of phone calls, it’s time to take a step further! Yes the kiss! So when are you guys planning to seal your bond with that passionate kiss? Let not the next date go insipid like any other casual meeting .Buck up guys it’s time for romance- a kiss is all it takes to feel the essence of being absorbed in each other’s folds and it can safely be regarded as the first step of internalizing your partner !

To begin with, before going for the kill, brush up well, get a good clean shave, even if she likes your rugged look you surely don’t want to prick her with your beard, gel up your hair and spray nice cologne, and, of course, dress well for the occasion. You should look inviting enough to make her want you. And, and don’t forget to carry the spray-mint, this is after all the most essential part of getting kiss ready. You know why!

Don’t let the thought of kissing tick in your head all through the day, or else her luscious lips will badly distract you .Allow the situation to build up naturally .There’s surely passion igniting on both sides equally ,and doing the inevitable has become urgent for both. So take it easy boy! She’s all yours and she will make it happen.

You, on your part don’t be a mess and make your intentions obvious, or keep staring at her the whole time, while she struggles to come up with a topic to converse. Try making the moment endearing enough to let sparks fly on its own.

Here’s a short brief of how you can build the action.

So, while you chat, steal tender touches, slowly getting naughty all the way and inching up near her. When near enough hold her hands for sometime in yours and exchange the knowing glances .Then in a slow-mo brush your firm hands over her supple cheek, coo some sweet nothings in her ears. Foster up the courage and encircle your hand around her and when you can feel the shiver within you, cup her cheeks in your hands trying to feel her warmth by caressing your thumb on her lips. And then lean close, and then moment she shyly closes her eyes – take the plunge! Part her quivering lips with your tongue, and ultimately pull her close and suck her lips with full intensity, making your manhood evident with the hard yet soft tender suck. Linger on her lips for some time, holding her tight next to you, and then slowly loosen the grip.

Her drooping eyelids for a few seconds or frequent batting of eyelashes with a gradual, rosy smile erupting on her bow lips after the lip-lock will tell you a satisfying story….

The Essence of First Kiss on a Date

Men: Behold & Beware of Such Ladies!

Men also need to be cautious when hunting for the perfect date for themselves. Spoon-feeding is not always the answer, so we bring to you a concise list of women that you can keep at a distance, picking on the following characteristics:

1) Whiney Woman– Their tear reserves are always full and come streaming down at the drop of a hat. They can never stop complaining about how life has been so unfair to them. AND they refuse to change. They talk like the whole mountain of pain and sufferings have fallen onto their dainty shoulders and refuse to see the good side of life. Such women are sure to get you cranky and distressed, thanks to their never ending rants! Refrain from such women with this constant attitude of ingratitude!

2) Gossip Monger– Every significant (and insignificant) detail of your relationship is the talk of the town! And you know why? Because she’s been making a whole lot of pomp and show about it! One fine day, you’ll find all your secrets (that you swear her to secrecy for) being discussed right under your nose! For them, everything should be known and public and there’s nothing they can keep in that big belly of theirs. So, if you want save yourself from such embarrassment, keep your distance from these troublemakers.

3) Gold Diggers– These kinds have this princess-complex (that came in after seeing your blooming finances) that is impossible to get rid of. They think that the whole world revolves around them. They state very clearly that they are high maintenance. They shop with your money like it grew on trees. They cringe at the thought of paying their own bills and pass them off to you like asking for a petty favor. And once your cash flow runs out, they disappear into thin air and appear back into the scene when finances look green. These women care only for their own good and will get you broke. Spot them and happily give them a miss!

4) Clingy Character– They always want to be tagged along EVERYWHERE, even if it’s with your boys. They never need a reason to do excessive PDA. They will bombard you with phone calls and demand every sordid details of your whereabouts. Giving a little space to their guy sounds like completely setting you free for them. They want to spend every waking moment of theirs with you and would do almost anything under the sun to maliciously cancel plans with your boy gang! They will make you claustrophobic and make you want to sing ‘mercy’ by Duffy on the top of your voice!

5) Overtly Obsessive– OCD is like royalty to them and their other obsession includes wanting to know where on earth is there relationship headed- they mean marriage, to be precise! They have already thought of the kind of curtains they want when they move in with you, the name and gender of her kids (that she wants to have with you) and also started to hunt for the perfect wedding gown- so what if it’s just been 3 weeks of dating! Break free from them before they make you want to break down!
Keep these in mind and make us proud, Men!

Ladies: Check out the kind of men you should steer clear from

Before you go on a date hunting spree, here we have for you a list of the kind of men you should say ‘okay-tata-buhbyee’ to, without another thought; unless you want to invite some misery and useless drama into your life. Mistakes do happen, but is sure is not called a mistake when you knew how exactly to avoid it- it’s all about a choice. Here’s the list for you.

1) The Mama’s Boy– Oh! Who likes the Mama coming in between you and your darling all the time! No way! The thought of it can make you cringe. It is as good as dating a man-boy who needs his Mama’s spoon feeding. Steer clear from such baby-boys who are always looking comfort in their mothers. And feel free to advise them to grow up!

2) The Control Freak– He is possessive. He is bossy. He decides what needs to be done, where you should go in the next meeting, what you should wear, what you should eat. He wants to make every decision for you, whether you asked for it or not and expects you to follow every bit of it religiously! They expect to be worshipped and treated like demigods. Want to break-free already? Well, then you better keep off these kind of folks!

3) The Abuser– He snorts drugs. Anger is always on the tip of his nose, all ready to burst. He hits and uses physical force to tame that maiden in you. Think about it. Would you want to be the next Rihanna-Chris Brown? Well, I can already feel your gut say NO! This one is self-explanatory.

4) The Un-ambitious– The happy-go-lucky thing is attractive only till a certain period. After that, it starts to get on to you! Can you imagine settling down with someone who refuses to grow and make it big in life? And what about your own dreams? These un-ambitious ones will pull you down along with their own miseries. Stay away from them. Because ambition is the new sexy!

5) The Chauvinist– He will never let you drive. He will never let you pay. He hates women who don’t fit into their gender roles. He takes pride in ‘being a man’ and loves to see you submissive and meek. In the current times when women and men are treated as equals, he somehow cannot digest the fact that a woman can be better than a man and tries to put her down! Your life would be doomed with such a mentally-backward man. Keep off such ‘gentlemen’!

Now that we’ve laid down the list for you, are you ready girlies? Bring it on!

Cook up a saucy meal with your darling!

Let’s face it, Men- every woman dreams of having a man in their life who can dish up a sophisticated and finger licking four course meal for them. So, gear up men, because it’s time to showcase your culinary skills to the woman of your dreams. Wear the chef’s hat for the day and cook up an impressive, yummilicious meal for your lady luck. It may sound a little clichéd, but it is true that a perfect man is the one who never thinks that doing errands and household chores is beyond him or against his pride and ego. Get over it, Men and showcase your magic through the art and science of cooking.

As for women, helping out your man in the kitchen could serve as the ultimate foreplay. Be playful and you never know – this cooking session could end up on the dining table or the kitchen slab or on the floor! Not to forget that kitchen is where all your aphrodisiacs are- strawberries, chocolate, honey, bananas- choices are galore. And experimentation is the key.

Go ahead and give a sensuous hug to your baby boy from the back and run your fingers down his bare arms. We’re sure he would get the hint. Or maybe, you could add some fun by pulling down his boxers and giving his juicy backside a nice little bite and run away teasingly. Get dirty and feel his hands when he’s making the dough and leave subtle hints for him to pick up. Or, maybe, you could sit on the dining table with your legs spread (when wearing a nice flowy dress or skirt) and suck onto a lollipop candy or a relishing a banana. That is sure to make him want to grab you and drag you onto the floor or climb up to you, for you-know-what!

Or, simply walking around in your sexiest pair of negligee around the kitchen is sure to get his attention, the best possible way. And make to whisper sweet nothing to him in that sensuous, breathy voice to make him go wild. Kitchens can be fun too, it you want to make it- so, never underestimate the joy of making love in these places.

And then, after your sack-session is done, you both could proceed to make a delicious meal for yourself. You never know, you may end up in another steamy session between the sheets again! And as we already know, Men never say no to this! Make the best possible use of your ‘kitchen tools’ to make it a memorable one!

Sauce it up, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Girls Get it Right when you go out for a Date!

The stage is set. The preliminaries are over. You are drooling to meet the hulk of your dreams and the hot date has been fixed. Your nervousness is good. You may have had 50 dates before this, and yet, we know, that each one of the dates is different. They set our pulse racing, a tingling of anticipation, a burning of desire or hope, a surge of blood to different parts of your body and the inevitable prickling of spirits.

First Impression is also the last impression. So make sure, your first impression is breathtaking. It must be etched in his memory for ever (and even if this hulk doesn’t meet your standards and you wanna leave him, fine; he should toss and turn in his grave living in the memory of this one image of yours!) You get the gen, right? You should be smoking sensual; not crass, not slutty but epitome of elegance. Men carry this image throughout their lives. This could be the LBD you have been keeping for such occasions or the red dress which has a touch of adventure! The way you push back your hair and the way you say ‘Hello’- everything to catch his fancy.

Be dressed to kill! This is part of your attack plan. He should be captivated with your outfit; not revealing and yet expressing your personality. For the first date you would not like to overdo it or make it look as if we have stepped out of a space ship. Go easy on the make-up and pay attention to the minute details. A good footwear with pedicured toes peeping, eye catching accessories and well-manicured hands which reveal that you respect yourself and expect the same from him. A mild perfume to portray your personality!

Go full throttle with the smile. A smile wins a million hearts and this is your best bet – your trump card! Don’t overdo it. Tantalizing enough for him to unravel the mystery in your smile a.k.a Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith!

Now you two are seated across the table and the ‘Eyes Meet’. Have a strong eye contact with your date. This is like an invisible thread which keeps him tied and bound to you. You can practice this on your friend before going for a date and hone the art. This works! Use this strategy when you see the conversation heading South. A flutter of your eyes here and a twinkle in your eyes there can pepper the conversation.

All this tactics has helped you enamour your hot hulk to the chair sitting opposite you and drooling. (You would like to tell him to close his mouth.) Now comes the time to open your mouth and begin an intelligent conversation!

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