What You Have ‘The Right’ To Want In A Relationship

Relationships are like babies… so, they need nurturing the right way. You cannot load it with near-claustrophobic expectations, you will be better off not pushing it around for ends that suit you best, and most importantly, you cannot mold it to your pre conceived and rather surreal movie-inspired ideas about ‘how things should be’.

There are a few wants and expectations on the other hand though, that you should expect and you must push simply because they form the base of any relationship. Here is a list of 5 ‘wants’ which you can express with confidence when it comes to making and maintaining healthy bonds…

Trust – To expect trust from your partner and banking your faith on him is a must for your relationship to prosper. To spy on his calls and keeping an eye on his movements while he does the same on you, can poison your relationship and make it a stressing burden. If you are in a relationship which is already infested with doubts, it may not be worth carrying around your shoulders. However, clear communication can help matters improve.

Liberty – When in a relationship or whether in the process of building it, you have the right to be who you are and live life your way. If your chosen one is trying to dictate terms as to what you must wear, what you should eat, where you should go and even the friends you should be seeing, it may be time to make him see the light of enlightenment.

Sharing Responsibility – When you are in a relationship and have started life ‘together’, you have the right to ask for sharing responsibility. Whether it is about paying rent or buying grocery or contributing to the home chores, you have the right to make sure that gender does not get to play the deciding role. If your loved one seems to be sugarcoating the explanations on dumping it all you, you have the Right to spell out the list of tasks that you need his contributions from.

Romance and Compliments – These are the two spices that keep the ladies on their toes and wanting to put in their best to the relationship. If these two spices are missing from your relationship, you have every right to communicate your desires to your partner. However, the lack may at times be completely unintentional making it necessary for you to express your desires supportively than as a complaint.

‘You’ Time – Just because you are in a relationship does not mean that 100% of ‘You’ should be involved in maintaining it all 24 hours of every passing week. You have the right to a couple of hours of the day (or more) as your personal ‘Me Time’ which will allow you to unburden yourself of all accumulated stress while helping you prosper as an individual person.

In fact, this is one of those secret mantras that ensure happily lasting relationships. However, you must also leave ample room for your partner to enjoy his ‘me time’ to maintain a harmonious balance in your relationship.

5 Signs To Show That He Is Flirting With You

A little harmless flirting has never hurt anyone. In fact, it is one of those little bursts of thrill that successfully manages to kill boredom or an outright bad day. But, sadly enough, not many ladies are good at judging acts of flirtation. While it is a proven fact that it is the men-folk who have mastered the art of flirting and detecting the same, it is not absolutely impossible for a lady to not understand what that dapper young bloke by the corner of bar is trying to imply with his naughty looks. Here are 5 signs that can be very helpful in telling you for sure whether someone is flirting with you or not…

Peeks and Glances – This is the first sign of flirtation. Someone who is flirting with you will try to steal glances very frequently and may also remove the stare when you look back. This is very unlike someone who looks at you casually. The person may keep doing so till the time he strikes a conversation.

Body language – Observing the body language of the concerned person during a conversation can give out vital clues on whether he is flirting or not. More often than not, a person who is flirting will keep the front of his body facing directly towards you. However, for those who know how signs of flirting can be detected will refrain from it. In such cases, you can take a quick glance at their feet. If tip of his right or left foot is turned towards you depending on the side to which you are standing, it is a sure sign that he is very interested and is flirting with you.

Careless Fiddling – Carelessly or unnecessarily touching his hair or his shirt or fiddling with his phone or a stranded bottle on the table while sneaking glances at you is a sure sign of flirting. If you do catch someone engaged in these acts be assured that he will also be seeking an opportunity to strike a conversation with you later under some prepared or unprepared circumstances.

Tone of Conversation – There is a lot that you can tell with the tone of the conversation to judge whether the certain someone is flirting or not. More often than not, the approach is more crisp than casual with smart complements and plenty of wise cracks. Staring is more, with naughty smile at the edge of the lips that seem to be defying all attempts of suppression. The conversation may begin with something very general but land on matters a little personal sooner than usual.

Instinct – Last but never the least, if you are a woman, your instincts will never fail you. The peeks and the glances, the smile and fiddling, the approach and the conversation will all reveal the real intents in a thousand unspoken words!

5 Totally Unrealistic Things Hollywood Taught Us About Love

There is something so magical about romantic movies that make us all wish that they were true and could happen to us at any odd turn of our lives as well. But if you really come to think of it, not all of the charm that has been spread and almost perpetuated by Hollywood can get any real than sighting a unicorn in your neighborhood park. Here are a few completely unrealistic things about love that Hollywood has taken its time to teach us but still remains inapplicable in grass root reality…

Everlasting Love in Vegas – You are hot and he is cute. You are dumped and he is sacked. You two meet unexpectedly in Vegas in a cross booked room and end up sharing sad stories while getting drunk to the boots. Then get married followed by repentance and a desire to break free till the time you find love in the midst of All This CHAOS! ‘What Happens in Vegas’ is certainly not what can happen to people with their sanity still intact.

Love till death – Survival is the primary instinct of any organism, leave alone humans, who know they are better off alive. So, if there is a movie preaching unending love that ends with either party or both embracing death for the sake of their love, you will know for sure how far this can be true. Taking clue from Titanic and Romeo and Juliet, these acts of sheer mindlessness and desperation are best when displayed on silver screen.

Love ‘the’ dead – What! SERIOUSLY! You don’t find a guy that is alive to take interest in you so you seek the DEAD! To make things clear, there is NO evidence of Vampires walking among the living, so their supernatural love is also as unrealistic as their presence. So, if you have been secretly expecting some Vampire love like in Twilight, please let it be a secret. If the want is overwhelming, see a therapist immediately.

Love in the time of AI – How cute could it get with love in the time of Artificial Intelligence. For all those who have been seeing Wall E over and over again could only pray that machines could also fall in love and that too this cutely. Or even wish to be reborn as ‘Eeeevaaah’ in their next lives. All that can be said is keep wishing till the next few centuries and this may just come true.

Perfect love with commitment phobic partner – In Sex and the City movie, Carrie Bradshaw nurtures undying love for her commitment phobic partner Mr. Big and expects things to get better with passing days even after being dumped at the altar. So it does. But how far could things get with an everyday person in her mid thirties, wishing and wanting a family of her own but stuck an eternity with someone who is not ready to commit? This is a real food for thought for those dwelling in the hopes embedded in this movie.

Can You Take The Relationship A Step Ahead With Your Friend?

Someone rightly proclaimed that a guy and a girl can never be friends. There’s always something more brewing up in the relationship that never allows them to be just friends. So if you have fallen in love with your friend (read boy friend), it’s always great. The realization may be late, but the overwhelming sensation of comfort that overpowers you is touching in such matters. You know this is the right person you can depend on, forever.

Trust is the foundation to every relationship, and dating a guy you already trust is an indication of a solid bond for a long haul. He is already close to your heart, you share your deepest thoughts and secrets with him; he is your 4 am buddy ready to bear your cynicism; get drunk with you; support you during your fights. In fact, he is there beside you in every situation despite knowing your flaws. And now you are suddenly struck by cupid and have started feeling something more for him. Great!! You are just on right the track. Well, he is not the handsome hunk which you have always desired to date, yet his presence has touched you in many ways than one. So how to tell whether you should explore something more with your pal. Here is a list of things you should consider-

When he makes the effort to be there for you always: Whether its holding your bags when you are busy shopping, completing important tasks on your behalf, hanging out with you whenever you want to party, listening to you blabbering nonsense over the phone for hours or standing by your side when you act bitchy and argue with others, he is ever protective and caring, overlooking your thousand flaws. This mean they‘re interested in something more, and if you are not a fool, you should be well aware what he is trying to implicate.

His family accepts and loves you (feelings are mutual): You always find yourself sharing Sunday brunch with his family or your presence is most evident in his family get-together without any formal invitation. Your presence is most heartily accepted by his family. His mother cooks special dishes for you or it’s your mom who complains about you to him as she believes him more than you. Also they are less worried when you say that you are with him. They finally approve the whole union, and much that they hate to admit it, they secretly wish that you select him as your better half.

You both are exactly opposite to each other: It’s known that opposite attracts .So when his positives compliment the negatives in you, its indication enough that you are destined to be together, and it will be a happy one too.

He is quick to notice when there is something amiss: Like you are having a bad hair day or you have not applied your favorite cherry red lipstick, they will be the first to point it out. Even when your mood is off, he will be the first to ask the reason that is bothering you, and go out of his way to solve it. He is definitely into you!

When those friendly hugs starts to linger long: When the high fives turns into hugs, and the hug get progressively longer, this is the start to chemistry brewing between you two. These may be taken as subtle hints that you both are getting cozy with each other. So keep an eye for such sneaky body language.

Its time you reciprocate to his feelings and get things serious or else be ready to become a spectator to him getting cozy with some else!

The True Signs of A Strong Relationship

Walking the road alone is often tiring and trying. You need a companion who would not just walk with you in a common course of existence, but someone who can be a witness to your life. True relationships are hard to find and even harder to nurture. With the world taking a massively superficial turn and turning a blind eye to the real treasures of life, there are infinite individuals who just brush past the seeds of a strong relationship without even realizing it.

Life is always easier when your relationship stands on an unshakable foundation with absolutely nothing that could take it apart. Here are a few signs that reflect that your relationship is stronger than you think and could withstand the holocaust if you will it…

1)When bonds grow stronger in the temporary absence of sex – Most magazines, TV, internet and news papers today seem to scream out that if you are not in bed with your partner at every other hour, there is something severely lacking in your relationship and that it is destined for doom in the coming future.

However, for those who know that trying times bring out the true nature of people understand better. If you or your partner do not even feel the need to stray in case of temporary absence of sex for a certain duration of time owing to some genuine reason, you will know that your relationship will sail through hell, if need be.

2)When financial hardships are sailed hand in hand – Most relationships seem to suffer with either party breaking off when times of financial hardship take over. Ugly fights, threatening tantrums and shedding responsibilities are common. Children and pets are the ones who remain scarred for life.

However, when both you and your partner pull each other up every time either of you are overburdened while maintaining your calm; and share your funds for the sake of the family till the better days are back, it shows that your relationship is rock solid.

3)When the worst of differences bring you closer – Many people believe that relationships are strong when both of you are alike in every way of life. But then, nature has intended opposite poles to attract for a reason. When both of you have different tastes, different interests, completely different professions and even polar opinions on spending your next vacation, yet seek each out other’s arms to rest at the end of the day… you know, that you have laid the foundation stones for a truly strong everlasting relationship.

4)When growing into the golden years don’t scare you anymore – Women today are threatened by the age factor. They seek anti-wrinkle care in as early as their thirties and even twenties! They read up pages and pages of information on how to be this and that, which sexy lingerie to wear and which assets to highlight, how to starve and keep a twenties body till the end of days and all this to keep partners / husbands attracted to them for as long as possible.

However, if you are in a true relationship, your partner will look past all this and you will never feel threatened to grow into the golden years. This is because the love of your life will see past your superficial self and embrace his better half that is YOU.

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