Why Fights Can Be Good For A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are not always a bed of roses. Once the lovelorn tinted glasses come off your eyes and all things sugary and mushy are said and done, you tend to wake up to the other side of your partner which may be much more than a love bear to cuddle with. Bad habits, aspects of hygiene maintenance, sensitivity towards socio political issues, poor choice of meals, spending habits and a host of other matters can suddenly start to tickle your bad bone making you wish you could maul him / her just like a grizzly mauls its prey.

Thundering words suddenly begin to fly in a room where only love prevailed while items of toiletry and footwear from the closet seem to get flung on the bed where only exotic lingerie had showered before. After a few of these dramatic episodes, you suddenly begin to think if all this is normal and if at all you should be having fights so intense and so maddening in a relationship that otherwise seems to be sailing in good weather sea. You may also begin to wonder if there are other couples who get into such heated fights or you are the only exception among the flock of other lovebirds.

Here is the moment of truth… Fights are actually considered good to maintain a healthy relationship. Verbal arguments leading to an occasional outburst of anger, flinging a few things that are not dense enough to cause a dent on the other party’s head and leaving the room in a hustle for some fresh air is all fine and dandy, even if it may seem a little too hurtful. And there is science behind it too!

According to a number of successful researches, fights in a relationship helps the involved parities unburden their stress that may have been piling up slowly and steadily through small differences that are otherwise forgiven and forgotten. Debating it out actually allows the individuals to vent their feelings and emotions than piling it up by remaining silent on the matter. Remaining silent and allowing the differences to pile up is extremely damaging for the simple reason that at some time in the future, the bubble is sure to explode, which again can cast a death blow to the relationship.

Another essential factor to which millions of couples from all over the world would readily agree is that occasional arguments and fights can spice up relationships in many ways than one. The monotony created by the otherwise upheld ‘hello-dear’ and ‘how was your day dear’ relationships gets instantly challenged and countered. Making up later can certainly be a blessing in disguise. At the same time, regular fights tend to add more life to relationship while strengthening bonds, which prove to last beyond identified and unidentified obstacles.

However, it is always in favor of people in love to identify boundaries when experiencing their bouts. It is imperative to remember at all costs that you can chose to fling a shoe at your partner if you please but, you should Never EVER say certain essentially hurtful things that can cast an indelible dent in the heart of your partner.

Learn to Embrace Changes In Your Relationship

Do you feel your partner has changed? Whether it is in their behavior towards you or in their actions in general, changes are sure to come when you have been in a relationship for a long time. If you have heard people say that “true lovers” don’t change, they are obviously lying, or they are just misinformed. Change is, in fact, inevitable. Times change, and so do people. Then why won’t relationships and the dynamics between partners change as well? It is almost foolish to expect your relationship to stay the exact same for the rest of your life. Besides, change doesn’t always have to be bad. But in order to be able to deal with change, you would first need to learn to embrace it.

Change is bound to take place

A relationship is like a journey that begins from one place, and continues to take twists and turns as it keeps moving forward. If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, be prepared for these little twists and turns. Everyday challenges, stressful events, major milestones, and life in general will try to get the better of you both. But the real trick is to face all those challenges head on. Keep an open mindset that allows change, learn to adapt and adjust with time so that your relationship gets the chance to evolve.

People change and that is okay

Due to life circumstances and other numerous reasons, people change, and that is totally normal. If you keep pressuring your partner to act the same way he/she used to when you guys started dating, it will only end up burdening him/her instead of keeping things the same. Neither you, nor your partner will remain the same forever. So, you need to be there for them and support them through the thick and thin. Your relationship won’t grow unless you learn to foster and appreciate the unique and evolving needs and desires of your partner.

Change can be a sign of trouble

At times when your partner acts a little differently, there may be a reason behind it. He/she might be stressed or something must be bothering them. Not everyone has the skills required to verbalize emotions. If you partner is the same way, he/she may be struggling to explain to you the reason behind their actions. So if you see him/her acting out of the ordinary, don’t play the blame game. Instead, show your concern with love and care. You need to be compassionate so that your partner can feel safe enough to share whatever is bothering him/her.

When change is welcome

We all want consistency in our relationships. But research shows that as far as romantic relationships go, consistency can often lead to boredom, and boredom can seriously affect a relationship for the worse! The remedy is to bring little changes to keep things fresh and exciting! You don’t have to do something drastic or change your personalities to bring newness to the relationship. Simple stuff as doing things differently, going to a different restaurant, and even making love in a different position can do wonders!

So stop being so worried about the changes that are taking place in your relationship. It’s just how things work. But when two people are meant to be with each other, no change can ever stop them from doing that!

5 Kinds of Women to Stay Away from When Dating

So you meet this really gorgeous girl at the bar, you offer her a drink and start a conversation. Everything about her screams HOT! And you feel this intense desire to ask her out. But is this a good idea? When you are hitting it off with a good looking lady, the next logical move is to ask her out. Right? Wrong! Although this girl may look like she straight out of a fashion magazine, there is no guarantee that is she is worth pursuing. Even if she seems great at the first glance, she may turn out to be a total mess on the second date! If you don’t want a girl to leave you high and dry, make sure you stay away from these 5 types of women:

The girl that just broke up:

A girl who has just broken up with her longtime boyfriend is either very vulnerable or very angry – both the emotions can be extremely troublesome if you are looking forward to have a causal relationship with her. Also, if she is looking for a rebound relationship, she may seem highly attractive, passionate and at times a little wild too. All of these attributes may make you melt inside. But remember once she actually gets over the ex, she won’t need a rebound relationship to hold on to!

The girl that’s actually a gold digger:

Yeah, let’s face it guys, not all girls like you because of your good looks and charming personality. It may hurt to know this, but many of the girls won’t even remember your name if you don’t take them to fancy dinners and shower them with expensive gifts. Of course not all girls are like that, but the gold diggers are exactly like that. Such women don’t like working, and even if they do have a job, you would never find them spending their money on you! If you find the girl to be more interested in how much money you make and what car you drive, it is your time to run in the opposite direction!

The girl that’s basically an alcoholic:

If you like girls who can party hard and drink like there is no tomorrow, you have to think twice before hitting on the girl that is pounding shots sitting at the back of the bar. Remember if she is alone and drowning herself in alcohol, there can only be two reasons behind it – either she is upset about something, or she just loves to drink! Also, when drunk, women tend to become highly emotional. So, there is a good chance that what you thought would be a fun night turns out to be extremely boring with a crying stranger!

The girl that likes to blame everyone but herself:

There is nothing more irritating that hearing a girl rant about how everything is going wrong in her life just because someone else did something wrong! If she constantly blames others, it probably means that she is incapable of taking responsibility for her own actions. Such women often don’t realize the fault in her behavior because they are just too good at ignoring their flaws! If you don’t want to be blamed for her problems, make sure you decide against dating her.

The girl that’s glued to her iPhone:

In today’s tech world, it is important to stay connected. But not being able to live without the Smartphone is entirely different problem! You may find her constantly texting her friends or checking her email or Facebook. If she cannot live without her phone even for a minute, chances are high that she won’t be able to enjoy being with you and vice versa.

Ladies – Don’t Wait for a Man to Enjoy These Little Pleasures of Life!

Today’s independent women don’t need a boyfriend/husband to be happy in life! If you agree to this, you are going to love and cherish your singlehood like nobody’s business. Although having a significant other often feels nice, many ladies would agree that the emotional independence that comes with being single is simply unmatched! So, instead of waiting for a man to show you life, why don’t you start living life on your own terms? Yes, you CAN have loads of fun even without a man by your side! Here’s a list of things that all single women should try out at least once:

Buy the diamond yourself:

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, especially fancy, expensive jewelry items. But many women wait for their partner to get the first diamond of their life – the engagement ring! Now that you are single, and there is no probability of marriage in the near future, does that mean you should let your desire of wearing a diamond ring go down the drain? Hell no! If you fancy wearing the bling, you should get one yourself! The good thing is you get to choose your own rock, and not depend on someone else’s taste!

Book a honeymoon with yourself:

If you are bitten by the travel bug, you must have a long list of places that you would like to visit. If you are waiting for “the one” to accompany you on your journeys, you are losing a lot of time sister! If you have been saving up money for your big honeymoon trip to Hawaii, it is time you spend it and take the honeymoon with yourself! You will get to book the tickets and reservation as per your convenience. Plus you won’t have to go to places you find boring just because your partner is interested!

Treat yourself to fancy dinners:

If you are a big foodie, you must be familiar with the all too painful experience of not being able to eat on dates. Aside from the nervousness and the butterflies, the mere presence of the object of your desire is enough to stop you from gobbling down the delicious lobster lying in front of you. You can, however, take yourself out on a fancy dinner, and order all your favorite dishes. Hog as much food as you can, and don’t hesitate to take home the leftovers for a little midnight snack!

These are the top 3 things that no woman should wait for a man to do. The list can go on, and you can keep adding stuff as you proceed. Singlehood doesn’t have to be boring or lonely. In fact, there are few joys that you will discover only when you are not in a relationship!

Still if you want to explore the fun of courtship days, realize the nuances of love and romance, try out online dating!

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