Certain Essential Tips For Gym Flirting

If you have not managed to find a suitable date in your neighborhood, social circle or even your work place, the next best place that is least likely to let you down is your gym. If you are frequenting a gym already it means that you have a thing for fitness, which is something that boasts of your good side. So, the first thing that you can be confident about is that your potential date who is frequenting the gym as well, has his basics right and thus, worth your attention. However, if you are not too careful about how you make your approach, your date-interest may end up avoiding you than respond in a positive way.

Here are a few tips that you can consider for winning a date in the gym successfully without being labeled as a stalker

Don’t approach too many at a time – To begin with, in a gym you may come across too many samples of sheer oozing hotness around you. If you are willing to strike a healthy dating impression, try and hold your horses and approach a carefully chosen person than everyone at the same time.

Strike a friendly and general conversation – If you have managed to get the attention of the chosen one, try engaging in friendly, general conversations on common subjects than sending out direct hints. This, way you will keep yourself from scaring the person away in case he does not harbor the same feelings for you yet.

Try not to disturb their schedule – You may be excited about a word or two you may have had with your prospective date, but this is no reason why you should start interrupting his schedule with your frequent bouts of conversations. There is a reason why a person hits the gym and it clearly for exercising and not striking conversations. So, it is your duty to allow the primary cause to be served.

Never attempt to take up unsuitable workouts just to be close to the person – It is very unlikely that two people of opposite genders will be assigned the same workout schedules. So, if you try to win the same routine solely for the purpose of being closer to your chosen one, be assured that you will be spotted and marked as a stalker.

Don’t overdo your attempt – When you begin to overdo it with words or actions, you will begin to reek of desperation. Men are very sensitive to desperation and are thoroughly repelled by it. So, maintain your calm and poise while interacting so that you can carry forward the possibility of converting these everyday charming meetings into a full blown dating sequence.

Please focus on your own schedule – Last but never the least, please focus on your own workout schedule. Remember the reason why you signed up for specialized attention and workout plans in the first place and uphold the same with respect. When you have your priorities right, you are likely to be taken more seriously by people around you including your prospective dates.

Love Advice For A Happy And Lasting Relationship

Falling in love may be easy, but staying in love makes all the difference. These are the days when, love birds are seen proposing love and marriage every other day but none that actually see through the next couple of years. So, what is it that is causing the love to disappear like it never existed? It is true that differences cannot be ruled out in a healthy love bond. But, what could have gone so wrong that two people who could not see the world beyond each other cannot stand each other’s voice within no more than a few months?

More often than not, the reasons are obvious but sadly overlooked by the two individuals in a relationship. Identifying and rectifying one’s outlook is the only solution to bring back peace and resuscitate your choking love. Here are a few effective ways in which you can ensure that love remains not latent but alive and thriving in your relationship as long as you walk the earth in your mortal form…

Respect your differences – He loves his PS4 / X box and you love petting puppies; he loves his golfing and you cannot find meaning to life without shopping; he is not the chatty sort and you love chatting away till the end of the day; you want to spend your vacation in the hills and he loves to hit the beach… these are healthy differences that individuals in most relationships maintain. Try not to make a very big deal out of it and attempt to find a midway through it all.

Don’t make your relationship claustrophobic – Stop keeping an eye on everything while trying to derive ulterior motives behind everything that your partner does for you. Stop judging him / her all the time while making over the top demands to satisfy your ego. Stop questioning about each and every detail that may have happened over the day and worse still, sop following your partner around.

Avoid inflicting irrecoverable insults while arguing – You can never make your love stronger if you don’t fight or argue.However, when you don’t understand where to stop and take matters beyond acceptable limits, there is something you need to be sorry about. Inflicting insults about income, family, professional success and even the deficiencies in your close moments can amount to unpardonable disrespect which will only draw your love away from you forever.

Stop following trends NOW – Movies and sitcoms have defined certain parameters of love all starting with the acceptable sizes, acceptable professions and of course the number of times you must get intimate to qualify your love as acceptable. Love and Trends NEVER go together. What you share with your partner is personal and unique to you. Do not ever let any superficial sources make you feel that your love is not ‘love’ enough to fit in.

Stop trying to take the upper hand – Two partners in a relationship are equal. You may share different responsibilities in terms of earning and doing home chores, but this is not a good reason to impose the upper hand in your bond. You may seek to impose your superiority at work and succeed. But when it comes to love, such excesses will only contribute to killing it.

5 Reasons Why Men Like Being In Relationship

It is a common belief that men like being free of all bonds. They are like bees that hum on flowers and birds that like perching from tree to tree. However, even bees and birds need to associate themselves with a sort of comfort zone which is best found in relationships. Deep down inside, the men in general, seek stable companionship where some of their worst fears are addressed and put to rest for good. More often than not, men are not vocal about the softer side of their nature. However, some have been brave enough to enlighten the world about ‘what men want’ while expressing their desire to be in a relationship, and 5 of them can be mentioned as follows…

Coming home to someone loved – Whether they say it or not, whether they accept it openly or not, a large section of men do not like returning to an empty nest. A happy smile and a loving arm to welcome them while they are back from a hard day’s work, is almost therapeutic. At the same time, having someone fix a carefully charted meal than doing it oneself every single day works wonders for the nerves.

Being cared for than simply lusted – Men love all things physical. But then, there comes a time when the desire for being cared for supersedes the otherwise irresistible pangs of lust. After a hundred odd hook-ups, men usually wake up to the fact that there is something over above and beyond carnal desires and this is when the worth of meaningful relationships spring in their hearts. A simple ‘how was your day’ over the phone hold much more meaning to many men than a hundred hot babes gyrating in their birthday suits.

Having a partner to share responsibilities with – One night stands and hot chicks with hidden agendas to get to the wallet becomes a burden within no time at all. Instead, being in a responsible loving relationship with a responsible and loving person makes life easier and happier to live. From sharing bills to sharing chores, from sharing a home to sharing life, relationships can be extremely fruitful for men in many ways than one.

A hope for the future – There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to sit back and think what and how he has contributed to enriching his own life and made any difference whatsoever in the lives of others. Does he have a legacy, does he have someone to follow up on him, and does he have someone to pass on the story of his life to. With a healthy loving relationship, he can plan on all this and more and add quality to his otherwise empty existence.

Being ‘the’ man and not being questioned about it – Last but never the least, men like being men and never questioned about it. From fixing things to putting the ‘yes’ on important decisions and also being the breadwinner for a family; more often than not, men like adorning their centuries-old basic nature. It is only in relationships that one can have this desire entertained to a healthy extent.

What To Expect While Dating A Narcissist

It is usually good to date a person who is conscious of his good self. It is also great to date a person who ensures maintaining a healthy confidence levels and lets not the usual crests and troughs in life affect his overall happiness. However, there are times when certain people seem to display a seemingly ‘more than necessary’ love for their own selves which borders around shamelessness. These individuals expect others to worship their presence as well, even when they are least deserving. This is perhaps the first and the most apparent trait of narcissism.

As far as dating a person who has been displaying such tendencies is concerned, the best thing you can do is let go before it is too late. Narcissism is basically a psychological disorder that roots from social systems that is difficult to break through. This condition is characterised by certain extremely annoying behavioural traits like extreme arrogance, craving for leadership, extreme self absorption; overestimation of self and associated behavioural distortions. Such individuals may also go way out of their limits to exploit and down play others around them.

This though, is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to narcissists in general that you will only be better off avoiding. If under any circumstances you have entered into a relationship with a narcissist, here are a few hassling experiences that you can expect through the course of maintaining the relationship…

Lack of Empathy – Empathy is the core of all relationships and it is imperative that both partners in a special bond display empathy for each other. Each should be respectful, compassionate and understanding of the others emotions and make little alterations to ensure that they love of their lives feel comfortable and safe. Narcissists though, are immune to empathy which is the first reason why relationships with such individuals are sure to fail.

Me Me Me… – While dating a narcissist, you will realize that there is nothing on earth that matters to them more than their own selves. They will not ask of you, what you do, what you like or any of your interests. Even if you manage to slip a word or two in, they will either choose to ignore and continue about their exploits whether real or imaginative. After a while you will realise that you don’t feature anywhere in the scene.

Expectation of Continual Flattery – Narcissists expect flattery. They don’t really care about constructive criticism. While dating one such specimen, you will come to note that the latter is demanding flattery from you and this may perhaps be the only reason why he / she is out with you on the first place. After a while you will realise that you could have been a jack in the box fetching the same amount of attention from the person.

Unhealthy Competition – For all you know, these geniuses can in the short run, run into a competition with you in terms of appearance, social standing, position in office and other matters as such. He / she may begin to put you down, sideline you or even walk a mile extra to humiliate you if they ‘suddenly imagine’ they you hold the upper hand in the relationship.

So, at the end of the day, all that you can expect from dating a Narcissist is Stress and unhappiness. It is thus, better to identify the traits before it is too late and bid a grand farewell.

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