Dating A Friend’s Ex? Learn To Do It Right!

So, you have been crushing on someone for a long time, and you can feel the “vibes” from their end as well. But something is holding you back from letting your feelings be known – he is your friend’s ex! There is a lot of taboo associated with dating a friend’s ex. Most people believe that someone, who has dated their friend, is off limits. No matter how long ago they dated or how casually they felt for each other, once the territory is marked, you had better not cross the boundaries! This has sort of become a general rule of thumb that both men and women swear by. Having feelings for a friend’s ex is almost believed to be a betrayal of friendship!

No matter what people say, this rule is just lame! It’s not every day that you meet someone special, someone who makes your heart flutter every time you think of them and someone whose smile drives you crazy! Does it make any sense to just let all these feelings pass simply because they went out with your friend in the distant past? It does not! Who knows, they can be “the one” for you. Sure, you may have to make your friend understand that you feeling for their ex does not go against your loyalty to them. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants! You can continue dating your friend’s ex without sacrificing your friendship. Here’s how:

Never gossip:

The first thing that happens when you date your friend’s ex is that she grows distant from you. She starts cancelling plans with you, and stops sharing those dirty little secrets that you guys enjoyed sharing with each other. Of course, you may feel hurt. But this mostly happens when your friend assumes that you will share everything they tell you with your boyfriend (now their ex). You should never divulge your friend’s secrets to anyone no matter what! You should also let go of the habit of gossiping about your guy with your friend. Trust me, your friend doesn’t need to know about her ex’s current sex life!

Never trash talk:

You may feel like asking your partner for advice when you had a fight with your friend or vice versa. But make sure you never belittle one in front of another. When you are angry, it may be tempting to say bad stuff about the other person. But doing it in front of their ex is simply not done! If you want to maintain both your friendship and your romantic relationship, make sure you never trash talk and never seem to take sides. Trying to portray one person to be the bad guy may cause more damage than you can imagine!

Never bring in comparison:

Being curious is normal. You may wonder whether you are prettier, smarter or a better girlfriend than your friend. But you must, at all cost, resist the urge to ask these questions to your partner. Not only would it be awkward for your boyfriend to compare you with their ex, who is also your friend, but it would also leave you feeling guilty or extremely dissatisfied. No matter what his answer is, things will become way weird once you open Pandora’s Box! So you should better let these thoughts get out of your head as soon as they come.

Invasion Of Sci-fi Trends In Dating

There is science behind everything and nothing that we can see or feel exists outside the bubble of science. So, if someone tells you that relationships and dating also falls within the scope of science and more so, can be shaped by it, try not to raise your eyebrows in disbelief. It is true that sci-fi trends in dating has seen the light of the day and it will not be too long before each and every individual looking for a fool proof relationship will seek its assistance. Here are a few of the options that have already made their presence felt in the market and are in the process of becoming more wide spread popular in the very near future.

Emotion Analyzers – This is one of those technologies which when applied, can tell the truth behind the expressed emotions of the concerned person. This basically means, if a certain someone has been taking you for a ride for some reason or the other in the guise of love, his voice will reveal it all and you can make the most of it by handing him the sock he deserves! At present, the providers are working to install this technology in smart phones which is perhaps the best platform to put use this technology.

Brain Reading – Impossible as this may sound, a certain company has already kick started its application. The concept of brain reading does not mean getting into somebody’s head and interpreting his / her thoughts. It is basically about getting to understand whether a certain ‘feeling’ about love you may be experiencing is true or fleeting. This way you can warn yourself about marching towards relationships that may not face a very favorable ending.

Trick or Cheat – You cannot deny the fact that the forces of desperation are in play these days and no one knows who is in the way of cheating who when it comes to entering into a relationship and making a quick and convenient exit. With this instant information technology mostly loaded on smart phones, all you have to do is take a picture and leave the rest to the concerned application to scour through infinite resources and find out if the concerned person is speaking the truth about his / her relationship status. This leaves no scope for tricking and cheating at all!

Virtual Girlfriends – This is a technology that has been in existence for a while but not in a more subtle form than expected. With the more improved versions though, a person can have girlfriends who are almost real with proper interactive chats and all the companionship without facing the usual drudgeries associated with maintaining a relationship.

This is not all. There are many more leaps made by technology, you can keeps your senses open to all things new that are going to make their way into our everyday life to make it easier as far as relationships and the efforts that you put towards it are concerned.

Are You Waiting too Long For Someone?- Don’t- Move on!

He does not say a word about love nor does he indicate marriage, but he seems to confess his affection with the way he acts and behaves and the many moments of blissful togetherness you may have shared. Music to the ears as this may sound, the question that you should be asking yourself when trapped in such love-yes or love-no relationships is whether this is good enough to convince you to wait for an indefinite period for him to finally emerge from his shell and declare the long expected words.

How long is too long and is the wait worth the effort are matters that most lovelorn wishful women erase from their reason. Some individuals have even covered over 7 to 10 years waiting for some closure but none that actually arrived. Dedicating such waits to true love and other such elusive concepts that lack even the vaguest definition is common. But here are a few reasons why you should pull up your socks and put a sock on the face of such wait and watch relationships and move on for a better tomorrow…

You want to tie the knot, but he certainly does not – If you think logically, if he was certain about this relationship with you, he would not have taken all this while to decide its future. The fact that he has been avoiding taking the big step with you is because he wants to keep his options open and is still hopeful of landing with someone closer to his imaginations. This is a fair indication that you should realize and build up your self-worth and Move On!

You deserve better than living in uncertainty – He knows that you are available and has taken it well for granted. If he aims for the moon he will certainly land among the stars of which you are one. He is sure, but you are bobbing in a sea of uncertainty. Do you really deserve this excruciating pain? The answer certainly is ‘no’. Relationships are intended to be equal on both sides. If you see that your side is getting heavier on the scale while Mr. Easy On Commitment is taking it at a snail’s pace, you have to be the rabbit and hop away.

For every woman, there is the ‘right man’ – A little more than half the world population is ‘men’. So, statistically speaking, it is you who should be dillydallying than the other gender. By the order of the Earth as it stands now, Mr. Charming will soon run out of options when he is finally ready to commit and may also be a few decades past his prime. You on the other hand will benefit with a more promising future if you bid your farewell to this stagnant relationship and move away.

You deserve better – You are a beautiful confident women who is in charge of her own life. You have not been created to stand in a queue to get selected by some disillusioned men. No one has the right to make you wait for years to decide which way the relationship is going. Any man ready to commit to you will be as lucky to find you as you will be to find him. So, pack your bags and move on or pack his bags and throw it out of your house, (whichever applies to your case). Any time is a good time to start afresh.

Golden Rules Of Texting While In A Relationship

So you have been crowned the couple of the year and there is no way that you are walking the other way in the near or far future. So, you have been spending 365 and 1/4th days together in a set routine and a gleeful smile pasted on your visage. Complete and content as all this may sound, most couples in the most enchanting relationships have faced entering a dark phase in their togetherness that is so ‘together’ that all the charms and surprises that spice up togetherness seem to have made an untimely exit through the window. Waking the dreamers from their daze… this Happens!

The fact that the onset of boredom can be handled with a simple yet effective quick-fix can be welcomed as the good news. For many of the worshippers of communication technology who have developed distance in relationships all thanks to their new models of mobile phones, it is your mobile phones that can reignite the missing flames in your bond. Texting, in very simple words is the sweet pill that can cure it all with a few well chosen words and here are a few golden rules to do it right…

Exclude The Mundane – Texting in an established relationship is mostly about the mundane. Here is a classic example… ‘Please get milk and eggs on your way back’; ‘forgot to pick your tux from drycleaners. Please do the needful’ so on and so forth. With this continuing, there will come a time when the other party will be forced to pretend that his network has collapsed for an indefinite period.

Include Romance – There was a time while dating and in the initial period when you could not keep yourself off the other person, when texting was somewhat romantic and thoughtful. The sweet nothings and the googly eyed emoticons cast their magic while all that was important for you was a response, even if it were a googly eyed emoticon resent to your number. Yes. You can engage in the sweet nothings once in a while.

Make It Short And Sweet – This is important. Try not to write a monologue of a fiction when you type a text. For all you know, the concerned recipient may have moved on to a more reliable author for all the right reasons. Whether for romance or for grumbling, or for mundane or for spicy sexting, short is always equivalent to sweet.

Do Not Stalk Or Disturb – You may have realized the value of texting to improve your relationship, but overdoing it is as good as axing your own foot. Try to limit your text to a few a day and not a dozen. If your mind cannot cook anything to put into words, this may not be the right time to send a text. Wait for the emotions to build and text accordingly.

Sending silly rubbish because of which your partner may have to pull out his / her newly purchased bulky smart phones from their pockets / bags under inconvenient circumstances can weigh down on your efforts.

Why Every Woman Should Go on Dates Every Week

Are you tired of spending Saturday nights alone in your apartment? After five tedious days, weekend comes in its mighty glory. You get all excited about it. But in the end, all you do is stay home in your PJs and spend endless hours watching TV or sleeping. Although that is fun and relaxing at times, but it also makes you moan and groan about how “boring” your weekend went. If you find yourself constantly complaining about your love life, or rather the lack of it, you need to start doing something about it.

Love is an elusive concept, and finding it has become more difficult than ever! If you are holding your breath for a fairytale love story where your knight in the shining armor comes riding his horse to rescue you out of your dateless life, you need to get a reality check! In real life, love doesn’t happen the way it does in movies or in books. In today’s social media age with tones of dating sites being flooded with profiles of singles, one would think finding a decent guy would be easy. But alas! Expectation doesn’t always meet reality.

If after a few unsuccessful dates, you are about to give up on it entirely, we suggest you to take a step back. Instead, what you should do is go on at least on date every week. Before you start rolling your eyes thinking it does not make any sense, check out the reasons why you should try this dating rule:

Your prince charming isn’t hiding in your TV:

Sure you have your fun watching the handsome Luke from Gilmore Girls, or Aiden from the Sex and the City. You may even see your ideal partner in them. But while you are fantasizing about these fictional characters, you are actually missing out opportunities of meeting the person that you may really connect with! So, chuck your TV or Netflix for a few hours, and go on a real date with a real person.

Dating is also a process of elimination:

Sure dating is fun, but when you get stuck with the wrong person, minutes may seem like hours! We are not trying to scare you off of dating. What we really mean is unless you start dating, you won’t be able to rule out those guys that you just don’t click with. If you really want to find the right guy, you will first need to get rid of the weeds (the kind of guys that make women swear off of dating).

Even if he is not “the one”, you can have a good time:

Don’t expect to meet your next boyfriend on the first date. You may not be fully into the guy that you meet. But they may be good to hang out with, and you two may have things to talk about. So, even if it doesn’t lead to a second date, it may lead to something interesting. You never know, you may find a friend or a running buddy in him!

Keep practicing till you get it right!

Dating doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you are feeling a bit rusty on your flirting skills because of all those months of draught, a little practice will surely help you out. There are some common conversations that you can have even on the dullest of dates. So don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as you may fear!

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