Did You Know The Top 5 Dating Mistakes You Can Avoid?

So, you are all decked up to meet the hottest woman you wanted to date so long?  Yes, tables are booked right; you’re confident about your witty anecdotes, and even your suit looks great! But is that all? She is the woman you have been waiting for so long, if you would not want to take any chances, kindly  spare a few moments to sharpen your seduction skills,  and be the total dude, she is been looking for!

1. Letting her organize the date

The first mistake is showing your lack of responsibility, increasing chances of rejection or to the least bad impression!  Leaving her to organize the date will not mostly make you the gentleman, because most woman psychology looks for a man who likes taking control.

So show your keenness and arrange the date:  Make sure you plan everything in advance, from booking the table till picking her up from her suited venue. You could also add a surprising twist to it, perhaps pretending to accidently meet her on the way. Surprises are the biggest gestures woman enjoy!

2. Failure in first hand Surveillance

You might have arranged a series of interesting activities to keep it going, but what’ s the point it does not suit her taste. A rock performance works as a total turn on, but you take her for some opera she never enjoys.  She strictly enjoys beef steaks and pork sausages but you order for colorful salads.  It’s a great thought but not her taste. You turn out to be the selfish one!

Move out and gather sufficient information about her likes and dislikes.

3. Soliloquy

A date is an encounter where both parties get an equal opportunity to interact and share different experiences. Don’t be under the impression that she will be all elated to be your audience. She is going to be horribly bored to gaze at your face. And if she is polite enough she might put a smile.

Make it Conversational: You can definitely take the start with the smart anecdotes you rehearsed last night, and subtly ask her questions.  But make sure your question has some fun element and not in any circumstance humiliating.  Make the conversation active with good punch lines but keep your statements smart and short and more significantly keep them open-ended.

4. Repeating the Ex-Story

Some histories are better not being a part of the present.  No matter how mature you sound talking about past affairs and breakups, it is simply a bad move. It is a date she wants to enjoy with freshness, so she is not interested most likely to be much sympathetic about the whole thing. Nor is she expecting anything from your end.

Be positive and keep past into the past: So trying keeping the conversation as positive as possible, and avoid bringing in unnecessary competition.  Scraping the buried episodes, especially when it is about ex-factors will not be as charming as your counting it to be. So if you were thinking an emotional ex-story, Say nay to the idea!

5. Being a ‘Phony’

It’s not a phone show time you see, so checking your mobile, texting and worst of all taking calls will be an absolutely bad idea. Of course an emergency call is permissible, but be courteous enough to mention about it, before taking the call.

Win a cookie: But if you are looking for some extra points, switch ‘off’ your phone and don’t forget to inform her about such a sincere step. This will make her feel really important and she will totally love the attention.

Voila! Have a great date and secure a second meet up as well!

10 Infallible Dating Tips For The Wishful And The Wilful

The joys of dating are infinite but, it is not always necessary that one would emerge victorious or even happy from the experience. Invisible traps and pitfalls are laid out almost everywhere in this otherwise thrilling occasion that bear the potential to change one’s life almost forever. Here are a few infallible tips and techniques that you can consider to improve your overall dating experience.

Consider all platforms of dating – To begin with, you will only benefit to consider all possible platforms that can help you win a quality date. From online dating services to phone dating sites to even asking your friend to set you up for good; you must never refrain from considering the available platforms. You must however, be sure about the quality / dependability of these platforms before you consider the same.

Choose wise – Try not to engage with the first person who shows some interest. Once you are into the world of dating, you can expect a whole lot of options who would wish to connect with you. Being wise with who you choose can have a direct impact on how well your dating experience goes.

Meet at a comfortable location – When you find a person worthy of dating, you must choose a comfortable location where both of you can be comfortable enough to talk more openly. A good coffee shop or a restaurant offering global cuisine is proven to induce conversations. You must consider the preference of your date while being honest with yours to land with the best possible option.

Be at your best manners – It is essential that you show yourself with your best manners without overdoing it. If you are a gentleman, please remember to hold the door for the ladies. If you are a lady, please allow the gentleman to hold the door for you than flinging it yourself. Try not to use foul language or getting way too close way too son.

Dress appropriately – If it is your first date, you will have to be careful about how you present yourself. Ladies must be conscious about not baring it all while gentlemen should be wary about their bed head look. Dress comfortably but not to an extent that will pass you off as someone who has given up on life.

Converse in general topics of interest – This is one of those topics that cause maximum failures in the first date itself. Most express that it was all going well till the time the conversation began. To avoid unseemly circumstances, it is always better to stick with general topics like discussing tastes and preferences, getting to know about the background of each other etc. for starters.

Don’t be judgmental – Try not to land with lightening fast conclusions about the other person without learning more about him / her. Don’t approach the date with your mind pre set into judging your partner on the basis of your past experiences. Be open to experiencing different personalities and try not to fit your date into some pre conceived ideas.

Avoid being too desperate to overlook errors – While being too quick to judge your date is bad enough, being too lenient to forgive almost anything that are otherwise unforgivable is just as bad. Any sign of disrespect or any display of serious behavioural flaws should not be overlooked. In fact, if such defects are observed, you should make an attempt to get out of the date as soon as possible.

Don’t discuss future plans – Discussing future plans like marriage and children is a strict no-no especially in your first date. These are topics that are best left for the 10th date, that is, if you make it to it. Speaking about future plans displays a certain degree of desperation in your part to hurry into a relationship which the other person may not be ready for.

Don’t jump into bed – Last but never the least, never ever jump into bed at the first given opportunity. In fact, don’t even hint at it. At the same time, try not to respond positively if such advances are made at you. Being way too eager to get under the sheets is yet another sign of desperation which is best when avoided.

5 Happy Habits Of Happy Couples

There is something so true about the statement that ‘happiness is a state of mind’. You can never define terms and conditions or rules and regulations to feel happy. Have you ever considered why at times, somebody else’s happiness makes you sad while a large lady nipped at her bottom by an angry terrier makes you happy to an extent that you roll on the floor laughing? Every human has his / her unique triggers that cause happiness or sadness.

However, when the matter is about couples, staying happy together always calls for some very hard work. Integrating behavior and expression of thoughts to suit both the involved parties in a relationship equally and harmoniously, is usually termed ‘art’; something that not many have managed to master. Taking one day at a time though, and embracing these tried and tested habits that happy couples are characterized with, may pave the way for a better tomorrow ‘together’…

Spend “we” time and a little cuddle is a must-  Do not shy away from spending some moments of togetherness, which will be all yours and your partner. It is crucial to spend some ‘us’ moments no matter whether you go for a small stroll in the nearby park, laze around in the couch on the balcony or catch up for a cup of coffee in a coffee parlor. Do not say ‘no’ to a little affection-showering in the form of syrupy cuddles, as sometimes love also needs expression and there are no two ways about it!

Respect for individual space – Even though you may be living together under the same roof, it is imperative that you grant ample space to your partner and claim the same for yourself as well. Having ample personal space is critical for a person to maintain his / her psychological and behavioral well being. Not granting this space can lead to devastating stress that can eventually eat up the happiness quotient in an otherwise prospering relationship.

Healthy Communication – Most happy couples are known for communicating well with each other. They don’t keep their emotions piled up inside them, thinking that their partners would not understand how they feel. At the same time, they are also seen to refrain from spitting venomous anger at each other on occasions when they cannot get their point across. ‘Talking and listening’ are the two golden words that should never be ignored.

Regard for difference in thoughts / opinions – The fact that you are a couple does not mean that you have to have similar opinions on everything. Your interests and beliefs may differ vastly on various subjects and various matters. Trying to bully your partner to believe in what you believe or develop interest in everything that interests you can cast a lethal blow to the happiness-factor in your relationship in no time at all. It is always possible to strike a balance amidst all differences, and this is an effort worth making.

Bidding farewell to competition – This can be summed up in three very simple words… ‘Couples don’t compete’. Be it with respect to income or contributing towards the basics; be it in terms of popularity with friends or even the way you appear; for happiness to thrive, competition should never feature in a relationship.

Top 10 Reasons Why Men Freak Out About Dating!

Have you noticed, how things go perfectly fine with men and then there is a phase, they just evaporate! Well, it’s the ‘slow fade away’ syndrome in men to freak out in the name of dating. It’ not much to do with science; it has become a common parlance. Find out the reasons from the horse’s mouth itself.

1. After dialing her number zillion times but not pressing the green button.

Asking her out! Will that not make me a creepy stalker?

Being totally into a girl is exciting, but asking her out for a date is a complete new tangent. Should I pretend not to care about it at all? Or playing smoothly is the trick? But what if that freaks her out? Should I take her number and keep texting till she finally says a yes? Woof! This is the most stressful job ever!

2. After the 50th Shirt!(Obviously Repeated)

Dude do you think she will like my shirt?

Do you think she will believe if I dressed up or she will think it’s my mom who dressed me up? Girls are very skeptical! It is very important to get a boyish cute look but the rugged cut is what will charm her. Most importantly she should not think we tried too hard to look good, just look good enough. Of course it’ not the shirt, It’s just not right pair of jeans.

3. Then that episodic condom story!

Will carrying a condom in the wallet be a good idea?

There is no chance of looking cocky, what if it just sticks out of the wallet while I pay the check? But not carrying would be foolish, you know just in case.

4. The pre-beer story or the peeing-sickness!

What is exactly being just drunk?

How many beers at best should I order, or is it safer to get really drunk that it no longer matters how awkward the situation is? How embarrassing by the way it will be, if I pass out for sometime in the bathroom? No, too many beer bottles means to many times to pee. This anxiety might any way keep me stuck at the bathroom.

5. At the end of a hearty assumption of probable passionate discussion that might happen at the date!

This job anyway sucks, will she ask about it?

It’s okay if she is not a die-hard fan of the same hockey team, which is absolutely bogus though, but questions like ‘what is my favorite color?’ or ‘what do I do for a living’ will make it really difficult to start with.. You know what!

6. Post- stuffing enlightenment!

Which restaurant will not be too expensive yet look classy to match her expectations?

There is hardly anything left in my account, it cannot be really expensive like ‘five-dollar-sigs-on Yelp expensive’ But when she enters the restaurant, she should be thoroughly impressed like, ‘Oh he’s rich and handsome both!’ types. But then just to test further, what if she picks the most expensive dish? What if the card gets randomly declined? This dinner and date sounds too risky!

7. The Damsel in Distress Savior Mission!

How to make her fall in love instantly and be the Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong?

What we hire some actors to pretend being big gangsters and then I happen to fight and save like a real hero. This will straight away win her heart. Brilliant! Oh know, why waste money in hiring actors, when will friends be of help?

8. The Ex-Affair Confusion Calculation

Will raise the topic of the most sensitive ex-girlfriends topic?

Eventually it will put her off, denied or not. But what if some ex-girlfriend just lands up in the same restaurant? No- no restaurant plan was bad. A resort will be safer and there are chances for some adult activities!

9. Pee Story part II!

How many times at best is okay to go to the bathroom?

Leaving her in the middle of the dinner will be awkward. Peeing in pants will be worst anyway!

10. Presumptions of failure!

Will I get a second chance too?

Sigh! And then there will be an end to this awkward date, and we will never see each other again. But what if despite of the whole drama, things go all good and she suggests for a second date. Simple! It means the freak-out-story will start all over again.

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