5 Annoying Guy Habits Gals Put Up With Through The Course Of Dating

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls… but when Boys are Boys in all their habitual glory, girls do have to work through odds to make the course of dating traverse the path of success. Here is a list of 5 guy habits that have been branded as clinically annoying and that which usually acts as catalysts in cracking fissures in an otherwise healthy relationship…

Bathroom routine – Most ladies run into a shock after being exposed to a bathroom that appears to have been used by the circus apes for days together. The sudden change in the décor of an otherwise hospitable bathroom to nothing short of train wreckage is a horror faced by millions of women around the globe all thanks to the habits of their prospective better halves. From untimely entry and exit to the position of the toilet seats, from using the wrong tooth brush to leaving towels on the floor, there is everything to seek psychotherapy about!

Gaming paradise – After reaching a comfortable stage in the developing relationship, a shocking percentage of guys begin to display their love for gaming. Irrespective of age, work profile or the number of off days at work, guys show a tendency to stay glued to their TV Screens operating their PS4s, X boxes and other gaming consoles with unimaginable mastery. There comes a time when the ladies begin to second guess their importance in the lives of these master gamers. A branded annoyance indeed!


Guys’ nights out – Guys love their ‘me time’; so do the gals. However, the happiness and camaraderie, the glee and the unadulterated ecstasy that stretches on and on and that too for week over week over weeks, the level of annoyance does seem to bubble and that too for justified reasons.

Technological addiction – There is something about technology that tickles the curiosity of guys in general about a 100 times more than guessing what lingerie their date will be in for the night! Obsession with new models of their favorite phones, new large screen plasma TVs with touch screen facilities, home theatre systems with enhanced sound systems and other technological wonders that may be introducing themselves to the world have claimed the patience of infinite ladies.

Tuning off – This is one of those unforgivable habits that have taken a sorrowful toll on millions of otherwise happy and blossoming relationships. Many women feel that guys are born with the habit of tuning off from their immediate environment when it suits them best. This happens especially when the ladies of their lives narrate the events that have unfolded through the course of the day.

This also happens when the ladies place their share of complaints about the other annoying habits that the guys may have been displaying over a period of time. Similarly, this alarmingly annoying habit of tuning off is best displayed when the ladies express their gift interests for upcoming special events like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, so on and so forth.

Old School Dating Is In! Here Are 10 Ways You Can Get The Best Of It

Onset of the jet age and onslaught of all things technical has stolen a lot from the old world charm that had once ruled the world of dating. The feeling of throbbing hearts and fluttering butterflies in the stomach before calling prospective dates has been lost to the dry and emotionless act of texting. Of late, people have woken up to the drabness of modern dating trends and have displayed their desire to bring the colors of life back with the old school methods. If you are one of those who wish to embrace these methods, here are 10 good ways to start…

Forget texting – If you go back in time even by 25 years, you will get to witness that mobile phones featured nowhere in the dating scene. So, any contact or communication with prospective dates had to be carried face to face with the prospective date. To bring the touch of old school back, put your cell phone to rest and get back the butterflies in your stomach almost instantly.

Pick her up – Instead of fixing a place to meet up, try and pick up your date from a location mentioned by the latter. This added effort will only add to the charm of the old world dating and score with your date as well.

Dress well – While loose fits and comfort clothing have managed to earn a soft corner with the lazy dressers, the consequences of an old school polished turnout have always been memorable! In fact, this is one of the ways to show that the date is important to you.

Be on time – Punctuality is never out of fashion. If you have named a set hour to meet, ensure that you are on the location a minute before hand.

Chivalry still pays – Somewhere down the line of technological developments, the old school chivalry seems to have disappeared without trace. Try and reintroduce it to earn a respectable reputation with your date. To hold the door open for the lady and to pull the chair out for her are only the beginning.

Dinner and dance – Old school dinner and dance will never lose its charm as far as the first few dates are concerned. In fact, this combo has been responsible for producing some of the best memories and lasting relationships as well!

Don’t rush things – Slow and steady always wins the race, and this is the foundation upon which successful old school dating was based. Introducing the same principle in your dating scene can produce near miraculous benefits.

Flowers and chocolates – Flowers ad chocolates have been coming down since ages and will never lose its blissful charm. So, try and give a rest to the raunchy lingerie and sex toys while experiencing the much ignored innocent gifting while dating.

An ode or two – It is alright to be seen under her window singing an ode you penned down in favor of her beauty! It could work magic while proposing the date. You will however, be better off restricting the act to once in a lifetime.

Compliment – The art of complementing seems to have taken a back seat in this jet age. To reintroduce old school, be free to complement your date and be honest with what you say at the same time.

Chasing Men Or Stalking Them – Choose Your Route To Strike Love Victory

If someone told you that it is only the ladies that love the chase, think again! Men love the chase too, and if you know how to strike it right, you may land with one of the most interesting and intriguing process of falling in love. Here are a few points though, that you need to remember while making your chase and making it successful at the same time…

Approach but don’t fall upon – Commencing the chase is the first and the most crucial step of it all and it certainly cannot begin with a loony gaze. Please ensure that your approach is quick, crisp and smart. Yes. Pick up lines work for the gentlemen too. If you cannot make it smart enough, you can certainly make it too cute to overlook or too hot to turn down. Seek help or prior preparation if you feel it necessary.

Complement but don’t flatter – Complements are an integral part of your chase. There is no second to the fact that you need to complement your man to win him over. However, you will have to ensure that your complements don’t borderline on weirdness. Say for example, most men don’t have the time or the patience to listen to poems / odes written on their beauty. Some find them outright weird. Flattery on the other hand is a sign of depressive desperation. So, it is best to be ‘Real’ and ‘Honest’ while maintaining your level of intelligence.

Propose a date but don’t display desperation – It may have gone very well this far and this may be time for you to take it to the next level. But, to propose a date with a splash of desperation may be all the reason for your guy to look the other way and run. In very simple words, men like to take it easy, and in the scheme of things, your desperation may come in as a retarding factor weighing into their minds. If you need to propose a date, you will have to be confident enough and alluring enough for the guy to wish and want to share some quality time with you.

Follow up but don’t stalk – So you have had a great time and you need to know where your relationship is going. Following up is imperative but not to a manic level. You cannot be seen standing in the rain outside your guy’s window to convince him to give you a second thought. You cannot keep calling every second minute asking him to spell out the reasons why he is not responding after the 178th call. For all displays of craziness, you may have a restraining order issued against your name!

Please bear your spine straight – At any time of the day while making your cherished chase, please keep your spine straight. Please remember that you don’t have to stoop to conquer. In fact, it a fact taken for granted that men always bear a respectful glance at the ladies who value themselves and are least available to be played around with.

7 Must-Know Facts For Guys About Dating

Dating can be the most memorable and pleasurable experience for the ladies and the gentlemen alike if the know how to work it out the right way. Here is a list of 7 pieces of information that guys should arm themselves with, before approaching their first date…

Dressing appropriately – The first look creates a lasting impression. If you approach your date in rags, there is every possibility that the latter will make an uninformed exit while keeping you waiting at the table. Ensure dressing according to the place you have chosen to meet while maintaining a certain degree of standard in your chosen clothing items and accessories. Don’t forget to add a hint of branded cologne.

Containing over enthusiasm – You may be super exited in landing with a hot date, but this is not reason to flash your dental formula through the night. Heavy breathing, being talkative or even ogling at your date can make the latter extremely uncomfortable and question your mental health at the same time.

Slowing down with the ‘I, Me and Myself’ – You may have been single for a while, but this is not reason to sing the sorry odes of ‘I, Me and Myself’. Tell and little and ask a little and lend your ears for the greater part of the date. Ladies love it!

Being a gentleman – While descending from a cab / car and while entering and existing a restaurant, hold the door open for your lady. Draw her chair and seat her first, then seat yourself. Let the lady choose her drink and never deny her a second one. Offer to draw her chair even if she has to use the rest room. Impressing is all about manners.

Not being overtly direct about jumping into bed – Things may be going just the way it should, but this is not a good reason to start hinting at how the night ends. Wait for any indication whatsoever from the lady as to whether she is comfortable with the idea and proceed like a gentleman, not like a young gorilla that has been denied a mate for 7 years.

Learning to take hints – There are times when uncomfortable topics may creep into the conversation. There are also times when there may be some unexpected blurting. Learn to take hints of discomfort and steer the course of the conversation in a different direction. You can drop a glass half full with water / wine on your pants if you please and introduce humor in it all. Ladies love men who can tickle their funny bone.

Not hesitating to call to confirm the outcomes – you may have had a great day, average day or an outright bad date. Irrespective of how your date has carried on, you should call and confirm the outcomes of the same to your date. To keep your date guessing or hanging for an answer is the worst dating crime you can commit. If your date calls first, please entertain her call and be honest about the outcome.

5 Dating Resolutions You Can Make For 2015

2015 has dawned and this is just the right time to let hope dawn in your love life as well. If the late 2014 had stolen all your hopes with a range of star-crossed prospects coming your way, let this New Year nurse your wounds and open the hidden gateways towards better days. Here are a few resolutions that you can make to have a fresh and happy dating experience …

Resolve to Try Different Dating Platforms – If you have been walking the conventional way and expecting the stars or your best friends or even family to find a lasting match for you, move on and try something new. Try online dating services as well as text dating services for a wealth of refreshing dating experience. Thorough these platforms, you can come across an array of prospects and can also avail the option of choosing one over the other.

Resolve to Date Not-Your-Type – It is alright to determine the type of people you would want to date and choose accordingly. However, if you have been trying too hard to stick to your preference and have not succeeded in locating Mr. Right yet, this New Year would be the best time to date the Not-Your-Types. You may have heard about the fact that ‘like poles repel and opposite poles attract’. This truth about magnets applies to human traits of attraction as well. For example, if you are a bookworm and have been looking for a quality historian to date, it may be worth your while to date the drummer of a rock band.

Resolve to Not Stink of Desperation – Love is everywhere. So, if you have been alone for a while and may be inches close to reek of desperation, it will be worth your while to look for love or companionship only from other entities. Try spending more time with your pets or family members or even your closest friends without singing out your sad story. Please remember that prospective dates bear the instinct of dogs. They will be able to sniff out desperation in your mannerisms and make a hasty exit from your life.

Resolve to Let Go of Your Past Experiences – Dragging baggage full of failed past experiences can slow you down in your endeavor to move ahead in the right pace and in the right direction. If you have had some traumatic relationship experience in the past, resolve to let go of it this New Year and gift yourself a fresh start this 2015.

Resolve to Not Let Your Age or Shape Affect Your Decision to Date – Among many other reasons that keep a person from dating, age and shape seem to have taken precedence in this century. If you have been feeling that you are too old or a few sizes too large to be accepted in the world of dating, this is the right time to wake up and see the sun. No one is ever too old or large to date. To find a partner is your birthright, and you should thus, never allow these superficial benchmarks to keep you from gaining quality companionship.



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