5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Musical Date Ideas You Must Try!

Most romantic couples feel that their togetherness is never complete without music. In fact, it is not too surprising to find couples who define their relationship with some genre of music or the other. For those who are yet to discover the musical side of their togetherness, here are 5 out-of-the-ordinary date ideas that you can try for experiencing a wealth of memorable thrill that you are sure to cherish for a lifetime…

Golden Oldies in a Garden Picnic – Bright golden sunshine, vibrant green park, a picnic basket full of tasteful goodies and of course your I pod loaded with golden oldies… it takes nothing more to go back to the days of ‘Grease’ and being the young Travolta to your beloved. To add an added spice to the effort, dress like you would in the 80s and experience the best of the forth coming summer days. Call in a few close friends and you are sure to swear making this event a yearly tradition.

Lounge Music in a Long Drive – Long drives through the country sides or other picturesque terrains have always been a delight for wistful lovers. However, the quality of the drives can always be improved by adding in some quality lounge music of your choice. This is one of the best ways to make your drive through the roads a literal flight of fantasy; something that you would want to make a weekly routine.

Dancing with Disney – Romance and Disney share an evergreen relationship that time and tide cannot erode. In very simple words, you can never be too old for Disney, especially soundtracks like ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin and ‘Colors of the Wind’ from Pocahontas. Dedicate one day of your special togetherness to a purely Disney theme and dance away to sheer unadulterated innocent ecstasy that all true lovers deserve. You don’t necessarily have to dress like the Disney princes and princesses to experience this wonderful personal date idea. However, it can always be a party theme.

Waltz Date with Classic Music – There are a number of classy clubs that still host classical music and dance nights where you can ball room dance with your beloved through hours together. This is one of a kind experience not just exposes you to the true treasures of music but also reminds you of the days of the Kings and the grandeur of their polished dates. Dressing up classy and rocking the floor without breaking a sweat is something that every music crazy lovers deserve to experience.

Rock Concerts for a Heavy Metal Night – Guns & Roses, Mettalica, Ozzy Osborne, Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin and many more… exploding your consciousness with heavy metal is a must to experience. If you have tickets for a concert, let it not go waste. Dress accordingly and be prepared to not come home till sunrise. And when you do, expect to have your ears still ringing with the heavy music and your romantic hearts ready to brave the next live concert with greater passion!

Want Your Crush To Be Interested In You? Stop Being A Bimbo, be Interesting!

If there is one thing the world has learnt from Charlie Harper, it is the biting truth that men at any age will be inclined towards young, fresh, pretty, flirty, size two underwear models and there is very little that can change this course of nature… or is it? These are the days when just about any women can get a Donald Duck pout and squeeze in to the tiniest dress size and abide by the acceptable standards of ‘pretty’ thanks to a range of quality make up fixes. In very simple words, when everyone is the so-called ‘hot’, no one ‘is’.

So, to say that men rather secretly wish women to be of a little more depth than just a dolled up mannequin to attract their real respectful interest, would be just about pronouncing the truth. For the ladies who have not much idea about how to start, here are 5 ways to stop being a bimbo and actually BE interesting…

‘Be Aware’ about the world – To begin with, it is good to be aware about what is happening around the world. Being abreast about current affairs and developing your opinion about the happenings is a very potent way to improve the deeper and stronger side of your personality. Men find intelligence and awareness in women very attractive in many ways. At the same time, with improved awareness about the world, you are sure to attract the attention from the better of the lot. A brief glance through the news channels and reading through the headlines of the news papers can suffice.

Work on building a pleasing yet strong personality – Your backbone matters more than your bust when it comes to be actually interesting to men. A pleasing and a strong personality is something that will always interest men of some real worth. So, if you have this habit of drooling on men and are perpetually ready to dance to their tunes, this is the time to stop. You must learn to express your interests and ensure they get respected just as much. Desperation has no place when it comes to developing the stronger side of you.

Develop a classy hobby that you can converse about – Hobbies tend to shape a person into an ‘individual’. So if you don’t have a hobby as yet, there is no better time than right now, to start. Nail art and shopping however, don’t count in the list. Try taking music classes if you have the talent for it. You can also learn yoga and get a certification in the same. If you love animals, try horse riding for a change. All this will develop a magnetic aura around you which men will find very difficult to resist.

Learn to be Mysterious Men love the thrill of being close to a rather mysterious woman. That Mona Lisa smile, that wistful look, that amazing lingering fragrance… there is so much that will keep them guessing and make you more and more interesting to them by the day. In your side, you will have to ensure not babbling just about everything out by the time you finish your second drink; display desperation to have him all to yourself asap or even falling all over him like he is the only existing  human male on earth.

Display respect for ‘self’ – Self respect is the word. When you respect yourself, the world will respect you. This makes a massive difference when it comes to being interesting to men who only come across women who are perpetually judgmental about themselves trying to fit into typified standards than making them in the first place. So, even if you are a few dress sizes too large, wear your shape with pride like you rule the world and let no one alter your perception of beauty. For all you know, men worship women with character, and yes, Charlie Harper had proven it well too!

5 ways pup- love can be the cementing force in your relationship!

Thousands of couples who have lived through the crests and troughs of their long and steady relationship have openly admitted that brining up a dog has in fact improved rather, strengthened their love life in certain extremely simple yet impactful ways. No one can ever deny that bringing up a pup is as fulfilling an experience as it is to bring up a child.

And when you are bringing up your little furry friend with your partner, there is every reason to be hopeful about an everlasting inseparable bond of unadulterated love to form between the two rather, three of you. Here are 5 ways a 5 pound bundle of joy can make all the difference in your relationship…

When you hold him / her for the first time Your trip to the adoption center is the first and the most important step that seems to change your life for the better. Being a decision that you and your partner have taken together, this move tends to evoke a sense of unspoken respect for each other.

And as you experience the explosion of happiness when you hold the little guy / girl for the first time, you subconsciously want your partner to be a witness to the tender and nurturing side of you. This is something that you should ‘feel’ firsthand for a better understanding of cosmic bonds of love.

When you introduce him / her to the new surroundings – ‘This is your new home… this is where you play… this is where you sleep… this is the pool you must never get too close… days pass, but you cannot seem to get over the urgency to show the new member of your family everything that there is to see. And this is something best done with your partner. Dogs are funny in infinite ways, so there is something that your partner can capture in video while you do the showing-around.

Training and Housebreaking – When you pup wonders whether to pee or not to pee on your bedside rug, you know that you have landed with the toughest part of the job. However, with the two of you involved, this can be a one of a kind exhilarating and educating experience.

At the end of the day, when you see your pup approaching the newspaper spread to do his business, sitting when you command, resisting the biscuit when you say ‘stay’, you will find yourself congratulating each other for an accomplishment you achieved ‘together’.

A Day at the Beach – On other occasions, a day on the beach would mean your loved one be snoozing under the sun, while you keep wondering about how to get used to the monotony of weekends. Introducing the little guy to the sand is all the spice it would take to shake you two out of your coma.

Here is what pups / young dogs do in beaches… they will dig massive holes where you can get trapped; they will plead you till no end to take them to the water; they will come to you with a sore nose if a crab gets to it before they do; they will ensure that you are on your feet and after them till the sun gets tired around the horizon!

So, you will have plenty to be active and involved with, while enjoying a weather of happiness and togetherness.

Taking care through sickness – Puppies / dogs do fall sick at times which calls for care and attention. And when you and your partner are together in extending this care and attention involving the drive to the vet, administering medicines at the right time of petting it through the bad days, you do get to witness the caring and nurturing side of your partner. This offers a refreshing dose of assurance in your relationship making it stronger than you think!

Here Is How You Beat Loneliness In A Lonely Relationship

While it is true that men and women all over the world enter into relationships to enjoy blissful togetherness, there are times when loneliness creeps into this otherwise heavenly bond. These are the times when the two of you may be living under the same roof and are around each other almost all the time, but still facing an invisible barrier that seems to be keeping you way apart mentally and emotionally.

This soon escalates into a feeling of constant annoyance towards each other while your eyes seem to get foggy with the memories of how things ‘used to be’ when you first met. When it comes to the worst that can possibly be… you start nurturing thoughts of ‘escaping’.

If you are experiencing such bouts of loneliness while still in a relationship, the first thing you need to remember is that ‘This HAPPENS’! All relationships do reach a point of stagnation, which is actually a signal to take the bond to another level than leave it to rot. Here is a list of 5 of such solutions that you must consider rebooting your ‘lonely’ togetherness…

Stop taking the other for granted – Whether you like it or not, most couples do take each other for granted for the greater part of the time they spend together. Things like, I know she will wait, I know he will understand, I know she knows I love her so I don’t have to express it etc… are the primary causes that can grey a relationship faster than you think. The solution is to put in an effort to understand the occasions when you are taking your loved one for granted and do things to make him / her feel special.

Converse – Sometimes, simple statements like ‘how was your day, Dear’, works wonders to combat the onset of stagnation. Conversing is one of the most effective ways to stay happily together while developing deep understanding and trust for each other.

Respect Me-time of your partner and show interest in it – Every person in this planet is allowed some Me time, which is critical for the psychological well being of the individual. Couples may differ widely in how they spend their Me-time and it amount to nothing less than a criminal offence to impose options upon each other. It is imperative to respect the Me-time of your partner, understand why he / she needs it and develop respect and support for the activity than crib over it.

Don’t expect your partner to mind-read your issues – Your partner is a living breathing human being, and not God. He / she cannot mind read your problems. So, you cannot prosecute him / her on failing to understand your issues. The golden rule is to speak it out clearly in comprehensive words, but never cruelly with a dash of snide remarks or instant curses.

It is a sin to curse – There is only so much that can be accepted in the name of love. No individual deserves to be exposed to foul language and curses day in and day out and get over it like nothing has happened. There comes a time when the thread just snaps and you flow so far away from one another that nothing can be done to bind the relationship again. For, every time you make an effort, you will remember the poisonous words he / she shot at you when you least deserved it.

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