5 Telltale Signs That Your Girlfriend Could Be Your Wife

Let’s assume you met the lady who has captured your world of imagination. She may not be the size 2 underwear model who you grew up admiring, she may be sporting dimples in hers face as well as her thighs, she may or may not respect your taste for clothing or movies, but at anytime of the day she is certainly the one and the ‘ONLY ONE’ your heart desires. Everything about her … be it her anger, her smile, her cooking or her shopping draws you closer to love and life itself. These signs and symptoms in itself shows that yes, you have discovered Mrs. Right and you are just about ready to gleefully commit to her till death draws you apart.

While the scheme of things may be happy in your part, the question revolves around whether your lady has also been displaying the same level of enthusiasm which could hint her interest in accepting your proposal if you so choose to make it anytime soon. For the clueless lovelorn lads, here are 5 signs that will help you determine is your girlfriend could be your wife…

  • She stoops to conquer – Most girlfriends these days have woken up to the fact that they don’t need to clean up after their boyfriends. The ‘each to his / her own’ equation is usually well settled between the two. However, if you girlfriend has been occasionally seen to indulge in chores like helping you with your laundry, putting your towel out to dry, storing your abandoned toothbrush with due respect right next to hers etc. it is a good indication of the fact that she may not be doing social service after all!

By giving you the little extra relief that you only dream to chance upon; she is in fact, willing to offer, although subconsciously, the unconditional comfort that only the ‘better halves’ offer.

  • She includes the word ‘us’ in her future plans – It is not uncommon for boyfriends and girlfriends to discuss future plans. But, when the word ‘us’ or ‘we’ surfaces for over 50% of the times, it could an indication that the lady may be seeing a wedded future featuring you as the husband. This could be about places you wish to buy your first house, the first luxury car to invest in, an exotic vacations or anything else to that effect.
  • She does not attempt to hide her flaws around you – More often than not, girlfriends are seen to make every attempt to put their best selves forward even if it requires a whole lot of effort in their part. This could be with respect to their physical appearance or behavior in public, a general sense of discomfort always surrounds the fairer gender.

If your lady however, seems to be in perfect sync with her levels of comfort while sharing space with you and is just as confident and comfortable with her superficial flaws displayed unabashed, her faith in your ability to judge her inner self over her outer shell could be a hint that she may be ready to be your wife.

  • She attends all you family celebrations religiously – This is easy. If you lady takes you seriously, she will take your family seriously as well. so if she has been attending Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and taking you to hers’ at times, be positive about something fruitful happing in the future.
  • She gleefully spends a happy day doing nothing with you – Girlfriends are ever hungry to define quality time in terms of doing something out of the ordinary. If your lady though, is comfortable spending time being around you doing happy nothing just basking in your presence with similar feelings at your side, she may be married to you in the head already!
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