4 Reasons Why Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable To You

It is true that most women are a more emotionally dependent than most men inhabiting the planet. But, to misread this fact as men are usually emotionally unavailable and label it as ‘normal’ would be completely wrong. In most happy and lasting relationships, both involved individuals are available to each other emotionally and that too willfully. If your man however, has been distant from your needs and refuses to agree to it, here are 4 reasons that can account for his emotional absence…

He has tuned himself out of the relationship – More often than not, men who find their relationships even slightly burdening, tend to tune out of it than discuss it. This is the phase when they also tune themselves out of the emotional needs of their partners mostly because they find it annoying and weighing down on them. As a response to mental distancing, he also becomes completely emotionally unavailable, mostly because from the bottom of his heart, he no longer values or wishes to continue this relationship.

A Solution to Consider Try and talk it out with your partner than enacting emotional dramas and blaming him for a list of follies you have chalked out.

He is emotionally needy himself – If your shoulders are not strong, you cannot lend it to others to cry on… if a man is emotionally needy himself, there is very little hope for him to cater to your emotional needs first. His emotional absence in this respect does not necessarily mean that he is out of love with you or is blind to your needs. Basically, he just needs to settle his turbulence before he can settle yours.

A Solution to Consider – The worries of the world are not laden on your shoulders only. Please ensure being as much emotionally available to your man before you expect him to reciprocate.

Are you being unnecessarily clingy? Issues can be addressed, but non-issues are best left alone to sort themselves out. It is not very unusual for women to be unnecessarily clingy at times expecting a kind of response which their partners cannot generate. Such surreal expectations when not catered to may lead to the generation of a bitter feeling that the latter are acting pricey and not being emotionally available when they should be.

A Solution to Consider – Please be reasonable and rational at all times even while experiencing a surge of emotional upheaval. There is a reason why head has been places above the heart… use your conscious judgement to ascertain if you are being unnecessarily clingy.

He has his attention vested elsewhere – This is a very harsh truth that many women have had to deal with. It is also a proven fact that men stray more easily from relationships than women for a host of justified or unjustified reasons. If your man has been emotionally unavailable to you for a while and you can see a distinct difference in his gestures and behaviors, there is a strong possibility that his interests are vested elsewhere.

A Solution to Consider – 99% men will never agree to having another relationship. However, talking it out is the best solution. If he has been cheating on you, you must know that you deserve better.

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