5 Safe Yet Daring Tips To Follow Up After First Date

As many individuals would agree, first dates are never too easy mostly because there is just about everything to worry about. From how you present yourself to the topics you pick for conversation; from your table manners while dining to the art of dropping the lady home… returning home intact on your own two feet can be a mission well accomplished. However, this is not where the troubles end. Right after the first date, the issue of the second date and how to ask for it, surfaces.

In fact, this is where most otherwise overconfident daredevils falter till all hopes seem to dissolve into thin air. However, with these 5 tips, things can get a lot better when it comes to stepping up from the first to the second…

Tell her right after the first date – It takes no Einstein to determine on your behalf whether your first date went well enough to seek a second with the lady you just met. When you know that there is a possibility of something substantial to happen in the near future; the best thing to do would be to tell her right at the end of the first date itself. All you will need is a touch of confidence and show as little desperation as possible. If there is some festive occasion coming up in the next few days, try and pull up the next date around the same.

Get her something that suits her eye color – Please notice her eye color at the first meeting. This works wonders in women. Next, you can casually send her a gem pendant that enhancer her eye color and state, ‘I thought this would suit the color of your eyes….’ While this has resulted in often unbelievable outcomes, you can use your imagination to do something a little different along this line.

Text her something funny and flirty hinting a second date – Texting is not outdated yet and silly sweet nothings can bring a smile on ‘her’ face. Women love just about anything that can brighten up their day a even by notch. How you keep in touch after the first date is very important. So, if you can nail the right text inputs, you are sure to nail the chances of winning a second date as well.

Wait for a response – Carrying on with your efforts even when you have not received any response from your date can signal thorough disinterest of the concerned lady to have a second date with you. If you have expressed your interest on a second date after the first, sent her a casual something and / or have maintained communication without receiving any response, this may be time to stop. However, you must also allow some time for the lady to respond and then continue with your efforts. Going on at a manic level can make the lady question your mental balance.

Don’t go overboard – A little extra sugar can spoil the cake and a little extra effort towards follow up, can break the chances of a second date. The secret lies in understanding how much is too much, and the worst part is… no one can teach you that. Before you make your attempts, ask someone who may have had a few successful dates if your efforts are going overboard and rely on their experience to determine your course of action.

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