6 Reasons Why Dating In Your 50s Beats Dating In your 20s or 30s

Your passions may be seeing no limits in your 20s and 30s, but when it comes to dating, you may have a few good reasons to salute to grand 50s instead. Here are 6 reasons why 50s always score more when it comes to seeking sweet possibilities of better companionship…

You know right from wrong – If your mind has been pre programmed to believe that it only wrinkles that come with age, think again… because wisdom comes with it too! At your 50s, you have been exposed to world enough to understand and identify right from wrong which applies just as much when it comes to picking the right date and determining the worth of spending time with the same.

Your children don’t rule your life – Secondly, this is the phase of your life when your children have flown from the nest and you are not laden with the burden of hatching more eggs. You have done your bit in life, your children are all established on their own two feet and everything that you are responsible for at this very moment is ‘you’ and ‘your individual needs’ that you may have been denying for a long time.

You have less work pressure – 50s is usually not the time when people retire, but this is certainly the phase when work pressure does not rule your existence. Many individuals choose to bid adieu to the usual 9 to 5 grind in their 50s to focus on the adventures they have missed out before. Be it traveling the world or frequenting favorite food joints, you can have just about everything in your cards that is sure to make you more interesting than ever before!

You have your stash – The days of dating in debt don’t haunt in the 50s. For most individuals enlightened with the concept of savings, the personal stash is always there to woo prospective dates better. Presenting an expensive gift or calling your date back to a posh recluse for coffee after date night is always a delightful possibility. Also considering the fact that you may not have any dependents in your 50s, your money is all yours to enjoy as you like it!

You can always hope for the better but are strong to handle the worse – By the time you hit your 50s, you are sure to have established a very strong spine that is capable of handling uncertainties. You are thus, always hopeful for the better and are even happy to enjoy it when good dates come your way. However, you are also very strong in the face of unforeseen incidents that may leave a bad taste later.

Most importantly, you are the best that you can be – 20s and 30s is the time when most people are fraught with self questioning while others are simply glutton for punishment. You care too much about what others would say and shaping yourself in standards that are laid out by others. In your 50s though, you are strong, confident, above and beyond the scope of shallow judgments.

This is the time when you step out of your home as the Kings and Queens of your own making that the world can only look up to in awe and appreciation.

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