7 Weird Things All Couples Do But Refuse To Admit

Couples are often not always like the inseparable romantic vampire duos that dazzle the screen with star struck beauty. Passionate love scenes happening just about every other minute, divine moments of pure devotion with each wanting to give their lives for the other, all that hotness even while doing the dishes or cleaning snot from children’s noses… just about everything makes us the ordinary judge our real lives on the basis of what is glorified in the reel.

But here is the moment of truth! Here are 7 such everyday madness (not amounting to creepy) that all couples do but choose to remain in denial when asked in open…

They sleep in different blankets – Yes. There are couples in the world who remain cordial with each other for longer when sleeping in separate blankets. An alarming number of couples have agreed to the fact that they can actually sleep in peace without all that pulling and tugging happening in the wee hours of the night!

They stone paper scissor through chores –Each party is responsible for his / her share of chores when it comes to running a house. This however, does not mean that attempts to pass on additional duties to the other do not exist. Yes. If you have been stone paper scissoring your way to unburden yourself from chores, be assured that you are not alone.

F*rt! – When you live with a person day in and day out, you can take it for granted that your flatulence will not make headlines. Irrespective of how hot any couple may be, each is always aware and accepting of the others’ little gaseous escapades. So, if you do hold mini competitions in your very own privacy on whose is louder, be assured that there are many other couples who would love to participate.

They unanimously decide to abstain – Adult lions mates up to about 50 times a day. Chiseled romantic couples in vampire movies / TV serials seem to stand in the second position. But everyday human couples do at times, choose to abstain. Many refuse to admit, but this is a truth that infinite couples after their 5th drink have admitted.

Try each others’ skin care products – Skin creams and body lotions attract the attention of women and men alike. So, don’t be too surprised if your partner suddenly develops a curious yet soft corner for your rose and lavender hand cream using it every night before bedtime, especially when you are not around.

Pass the burden of bills – Today, every individual is responsible for his / her own bills. However, on many occasions, passing it on to the other in the name of love is not very uncommon. This happens more when couples share the same living space. Promises of repaying don’t usually remain in the list of priorities.

Decide on a puppy first – The love for procreation in most couples is remarkably undeniable. However, the desire to start the process of adding members to their little love bubble by making cute quadruped adoptions is wide spread. This is one of the ways in which love only grows, and not many couples deny themselves this piece of unadulterated happiness!

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