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5 Telltale Signs That Your Girlfriend Could Be Your Wife

Let’s assume you met the lady who has captured your world of imagination. She may not be the size 2 underwear model who you grew up admiring, she may be sporting dimples in hers face as well as her thighs, she may or may not respect your taste for clothing or movies, but at anytime of the day she is certainly the one and the ‘ONLY ONE’ your heart desires. Everything about her … be it her anger, her smile, her cooking or her shopping draws you closer to love and life itself. These signs and symptoms in itself shows that yes, you have discovered Mrs. Right and you are just about ready to gleefully commit to her till death draws you apart.

While the scheme of things may be happy in your part, the question revolves around whether your lady has also been displaying the same level of enthusiasm which could hint her interest in accepting your proposal if you so choose to make it anytime soon. For the clueless lovelorn lads, here are 5 signs that will help you determine is your girlfriend could be your wife…

  • She stoops to conquer – Most girlfriends these days have woken up to the fact that they don’t need to clean up after their boyfriends. The ‘each to his / her own’ equation is usually well settled between the two. However, if you girlfriend has been occasionally seen to indulge in chores like helping you with your laundry, putting your towel out to dry, storing your abandoned toothbrush with due respect right next to hers etc. it is a good indication of the fact that she may not be doing social service after all!

By giving you the little extra relief that you only dream to chance upon; she is in fact, willing to offer, although subconsciously, the unconditional comfort that only the ‘better halves’ offer.

  • She includes the word ‘us’ in her future plans – It is not uncommon for boyfriends and girlfriends to discuss future plans. But, when the word ‘us’ or ‘we’ surfaces for over 50% of the times, it could an indication that the lady may be seeing a wedded future featuring you as the husband. This could be about places you wish to buy your first house, the first luxury car to invest in, an exotic vacations or anything else to that effect.
  • She does not attempt to hide her flaws around you – More often than not, girlfriends are seen to make every attempt to put their best selves forward even if it requires a whole lot of effort in their part. This could be with respect to their physical appearance or behavior in public, a general sense of discomfort always surrounds the fairer gender.

If your lady however, seems to be in perfect sync with her levels of comfort while sharing space with you and is just as confident and comfortable with her superficial flaws displayed unabashed, her faith in your ability to judge her inner self over her outer shell could be a hint that she may be ready to be your wife.

  • She attends all you family celebrations religiously – This is easy. If you lady takes you seriously, she will take your family seriously as well. so if she has been attending Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family and taking you to hers’ at times, be positive about something fruitful happing in the future.
  • She gleefully spends a happy day doing nothing with you – Girlfriends are ever hungry to define quality time in terms of doing something out of the ordinary. If your lady though, is comfortable spending time being around you doing happy nothing just basking in your presence with similar feelings at your side, she may be married to you in the head already!

How to pin down he is officially the “one” for you!

When it is about matters of the heart, it happens that you get nuggets of advice as to how to crack the code to get ‘Mr.Right’, and many more. Everyone stumbles upon the idea that everything cannot sail smoothly when you are in a relationship and bouts of anxiety and depression got to be in the cards. if you have only seen red flags when treading down the road of your own journey of love, happiness can loom large at the backdrop too when you fatefully or accidentally meet HIM! So check out the signs that tell you, he is finally your MAN!

He is your true keeper even finishing off your plates!

Whether it is the lunch at your place or the official dinner where you have made your presence felt to woo your would-be in laws, your plate get dumped with too many delicacies and you cannot finish off, he steps in as the true keeper and eats up the last bite and crusts too with a big smile on his place.

You do not fight over what music is being played

Whether it is the small tiffs when the earphones are plugged in or changing channels while watching music channels, his taste for music and yours match big time and there are no two ways about it! Yes, this can happen that finding the perfect track for each other will not be a messy affair at all, when your mood for music gels well.

No fights over the lavatory

Whether it is deciding on the decor of the lavatory, the accessories to be kept and used, who would use which soap, hot water or towels or who will first step in the washroom- things never go out of hand and it is an all-smiles affair, then surely it’s  a big sign that yes, you have got that perfect HIM!

Sleeping peacefully  and blissfully is a reality

Whether it is fighting with bed sheets to getting irked at the sound of his snoring, couples often complain that all things rosy under one roof, especially when sleeping together is a far-fetched reality. Well, when you find a guy with no tantrums whatsoever and appreciates your choice and say when it comes to sleep, you are lucky! if you are in a live-in relationship, you can say it better.

You never get ‘bored’ in each other’s company

The word ‘bore’ is one of the poisons that can eat up a healthy relationship. So even after years of courtship if you find the sparks flying all the time, then you have reasons to feel jubilant about! You cannot rely spell out that is the secret behind it , but your partner is making you to feel that liberated self in a well-enclosed relationship that make you smile amidst all the adversities that the present-day relationships are in, it is hat’s off to you and your partner.

Since you have got him, take care so that you can take your relationship  to the next level and  nurture it with care!

6 Reasons Why Dating In Your 50s Beats Dating In your 20s or 30s

Your passions may be seeing no limits in your 20s and 30s, but when it comes to dating, you may have a few good reasons to salute to grand 50s instead. Here are 6 reasons why 50s always score more when it comes to seeking sweet possibilities of better companionship…

You know right from wrong – If your mind has been pre programmed to believe that it only wrinkles that come with age, think again… because wisdom comes with it too! At your 50s, you have been exposed to world enough to understand and identify right from wrong which applies just as much when it comes to picking the right date and determining the worth of spending time with the same.

Your children don’t rule your life – Secondly, this is the phase of your life when your children have flown from the nest and you are not laden with the burden of hatching more eggs. You have done your bit in life, your children are all established on their own two feet and everything that you are responsible for at this very moment is ‘you’ and ‘your individual needs’ that you may have been denying for a long time.

You have less work pressure – 50s is usually not the time when people retire, but this is certainly the phase when work pressure does not rule your existence. Many individuals choose to bid adieu to the usual 9 to 5 grind in their 50s to focus on the adventures they have missed out before. Be it traveling the world or frequenting favorite food joints, you can have just about everything in your cards that is sure to make you more interesting than ever before!

You have your stash – The days of dating in debt don’t haunt in the 50s. For most individuals enlightened with the concept of savings, the personal stash is always there to woo prospective dates better. Presenting an expensive gift or calling your date back to a posh recluse for coffee after date night is always a delightful possibility. Also considering the fact that you may not have any dependents in your 50s, your money is all yours to enjoy as you like it!

You can always hope for the better but are strong to handle the worse – By the time you hit your 50s, you are sure to have established a very strong spine that is capable of handling uncertainties. You are thus, always hopeful for the better and are even happy to enjoy it when good dates come your way. However, you are also very strong in the face of unforeseen incidents that may leave a bad taste later.

Most importantly, you are the best that you can be – 20s and 30s is the time when most people are fraught with self questioning while others are simply glutton for punishment. You care too much about what others would say and shaping yourself in standards that are laid out by others. In your 50s though, you are strong, confident, above and beyond the scope of shallow judgments.

This is the time when you step out of your home as the Kings and Queens of your own making that the world can only look up to in awe and appreciation.

7 Weird Things All Couples Do But Refuse To Admit

Couples are often not always like the inseparable romantic vampire duos that dazzle the screen with star struck beauty. Passionate love scenes happening just about every other minute, divine moments of pure devotion with each wanting to give their lives for the other, all that hotness even while doing the dishes or cleaning snot from children’s noses… just about everything makes us the ordinary judge our real lives on the basis of what is glorified in the reel.

But here is the moment of truth! Here are 7 such everyday madness (not amounting to creepy) that all couples do but choose to remain in denial when asked in open…

They sleep in different blankets – Yes. There are couples in the world who remain cordial with each other for longer when sleeping in separate blankets. An alarming number of couples have agreed to the fact that they can actually sleep in peace without all that pulling and tugging happening in the wee hours of the night!

They stone paper scissor through chores –Each party is responsible for his / her share of chores when it comes to running a house. This however, does not mean that attempts to pass on additional duties to the other do not exist. Yes. If you have been stone paper scissoring your way to unburden yourself from chores, be assured that you are not alone.

F*rt! – When you live with a person day in and day out, you can take it for granted that your flatulence will not make headlines. Irrespective of how hot any couple may be, each is always aware and accepting of the others’ little gaseous escapades. So, if you do hold mini competitions in your very own privacy on whose is louder, be assured that there are many other couples who would love to participate.

They unanimously decide to abstain – Adult lions mates up to about 50 times a day. Chiseled romantic couples in vampire movies / TV serials seem to stand in the second position. But everyday human couples do at times, choose to abstain. Many refuse to admit, but this is a truth that infinite couples after their 5th drink have admitted.

Try each others’ skin care products – Skin creams and body lotions attract the attention of women and men alike. So, don’t be too surprised if your partner suddenly develops a curious yet soft corner for your rose and lavender hand cream using it every night before bedtime, especially when you are not around.

Pass the burden of bills – Today, every individual is responsible for his / her own bills. However, on many occasions, passing it on to the other in the name of love is not very uncommon. This happens more when couples share the same living space. Promises of repaying don’t usually remain in the list of priorities.

Decide on a puppy first – The love for procreation in most couples is remarkably undeniable. However, the desire to start the process of adding members to their little love bubble by making cute quadruped adoptions is wide spread. This is one of the ways in which love only grows, and not many couples deny themselves this piece of unadulterated happiness!

5 Safe Yet Daring Tips To Follow Up After First Date

As many individuals would agree, first dates are never too easy mostly because there is just about everything to worry about. From how you present yourself to the topics you pick for conversation; from your table manners while dining to the art of dropping the lady home… returning home intact on your own two feet can be a mission well accomplished. However, this is not where the troubles end. Right after the first date, the issue of the second date and how to ask for it, surfaces.

In fact, this is where most otherwise overconfident daredevils falter till all hopes seem to dissolve into thin air. However, with these 5 tips, things can get a lot better when it comes to stepping up from the first to the second…

Tell her right after the first date – It takes no Einstein to determine on your behalf whether your first date went well enough to seek a second with the lady you just met. When you know that there is a possibility of something substantial to happen in the near future; the best thing to do would be to tell her right at the end of the first date itself. All you will need is a touch of confidence and show as little desperation as possible. If there is some festive occasion coming up in the next few days, try and pull up the next date around the same.

Get her something that suits her eye color – Please notice her eye color at the first meeting. This works wonders in women. Next, you can casually send her a gem pendant that enhancer her eye color and state, ‘I thought this would suit the color of your eyes….’ While this has resulted in often unbelievable outcomes, you can use your imagination to do something a little different along this line.

Text her something funny and flirty hinting a second date – Texting is not outdated yet and silly sweet nothings can bring a smile on ‘her’ face. Women love just about anything that can brighten up their day a even by notch. How you keep in touch after the first date is very important. So, if you can nail the right text inputs, you are sure to nail the chances of winning a second date as well.

Wait for a response – Carrying on with your efforts even when you have not received any response from your date can signal thorough disinterest of the concerned lady to have a second date with you. If you have expressed your interest on a second date after the first, sent her a casual something and / or have maintained communication without receiving any response, this may be time to stop. However, you must also allow some time for the lady to respond and then continue with your efforts. Going on at a manic level can make the lady question your mental balance.

Don’t go overboard – A little extra sugar can spoil the cake and a little extra effort towards follow up, can break the chances of a second date. The secret lies in understanding how much is too much, and the worst part is… no one can teach you that. Before you make your attempts, ask someone who may have had a few successful dates if your efforts are going overboard and rely on their experience to determine your course of action.

What Not To Ask A Woman While Dating Or, EVER!

Being wise with words goes a very long way to as far as making a lasting impression with the opposite gender is concerned. You may be a man who is ruled by none; you may also be an individual who guards his freedom of expression fiercely, but when it comes to controlling your curiosity while with a woman, it is advisable to allow wisdom and commonsense to rule. Based on infinite devastating experienced faced by infinite men, here are 5 questions you must never ask a woman while dating her, or EVER for that matter…

Are you looking for commitment? Yes. Shockingly annoying are the two words that best describes this question. No individual roams around the planet with commitment up and ready on their sleeves to be given away to anyone expressing interest on them anytime and anywhere. However, to display your discomfort for the word ‘commitment’ at the very onset of the date can ruin all possibilities of winning a second date. The solution lies in not bringing up the topic at all.

Which part of your pretty self is plastic? You may be amused at how pretty ‘pretty’ can get, but this is no reason to be vile enough to question authenticity. Asking which part of the body is plastic or has been recreated is a shameful thing to do and playing the ‘honesty’ card does not work anyhow to justify this side of your curiosity. Admire, appreciate and leave it at that.

How long has it been since you were last intimate? This is yet another sample of a question that should be banned from vocabulary in the very first place. Get this straight and get this clear… unless you are her psychiatrist, you have NO business asking her anything around the matter! In fact, the lady in question may end up thinking that it is you who have been desperately lacking intimacy for ages or may have been having manic levels of it, which has caused you ask that in the very first place. Discussing weather instead can lead to more pleasant experiences.

Do you like taking responsibility for your bills? This statement in itself can cause multiple questions about uncertainties surrounding your own life to surface. Whatever made you ask this question in the first place? Are you of the opinion that women in general are free loaders or are you a little too stingy with your wallet. In either ways your ideologies look flawed and you certainly stand no chance winning any respect from the lady who may have been successfully leading her life on her own paying her own bills and may perhaps be capable enough to support a dozen like you.

What’s your take on having children? People of the dark ages had the mind set of limiting the role of women around everything that had anything to do with children and nothing more. Before getting to these limiting questions, it would be nice to know the ‘person’ who has come all the way to meet you for some good time and not face interrogation. Ask her of her favorite movies and hangouts instead for a better experience.

Why Dating After Divorce Feel Like High School Days

Divorce may not be a very happy experience, but dating after divorce certainly is. Breaking free of a loveless marriage can give rise to a surge of feelings that may have been suppressed for years together. The joys of such resurfacings has the power to bring back the fountain of youth at any age and any phase of life altogether. The happiest part of it all however, is the feeling of returning to the glorious teens that dating after divorce produces. Here are 5 reasons that aptly justify this fact …

Ruled by happy Cluelessness – Teenage love is all about cluelessness and so is dating after divorce. You have practically no clue about where you are heading, for what and with what consequences, and yet you pursue your chances with a heart brimming with excitement and head full of joyous craze. This is the time when you feel that life has just about dealt more than your fair share of grief and this is the phase when your losses are refunded.

Appetite first – When you have been left wanting for a long time, the first thing you do after breaking free of loveless shackles is to indulge in everything you missed. Be it with respect to physical intimacy or with hitting the hangouts you denied yourself for a long time while in marriage, you are all about satisfying your appetite first! And the best part is, there is no one around you to make you feel bad for being yourself again, mostly because you will not allow it in the first place!

Get closer to not-your-types – You may have been brainwashed into dating the ‘family-types’, the ‘dependable income’ types and the like before; but post divorce is the phase when you don’t usually see yourself getting back to the calculated way of choosing life all over again. To you, this was a mistake you made and will never repeat as long as you are alive. This gives you wings to try getting closer to prospective dates who are ‘not your types’ and get the best of it at the same time.

No place for commitment – A list of legal and moral commitments had dragged you all the way down to the bottom of your life experiences and you will not be foolish enough to bring commitments back to the priority list. You may be committed to your job; you may be committed to your children and pets but not the man who appears next in your life. This could remind you of your high school days when commitment was a ten letter word… too long to spell and too long to include in vocabulary!

It’s all about fun – Dating after marriage is all about having fun, and there is no simpler way to express this feeling. This is the phase of your life when you are ‘you’ again and there are no impediments on your way making you feel smaller or lesser in the legal books of commitments. You feel young and beautiful again which gives you all the necessary boost to pursue your life full of fun once again.

4 Undeniable Reasons Why Some Women Lose Chances At Finding Love

Most women are the happiest when in love and ecstatic when loved in return. However, there is a certain section of the not-so-fortunate ladies who seem to find themselves in a never ending quest for love which eludes them time and time again. It all happens till the ladies question in their minds, what exactly is going wrong that they are always found grappling a vicious circle of loveless existence. More often than not, the answer stares straight at the face. Recognizing it is all that matters. Here are 4 reasons why some women lose their chances at finding love no matter how hard they try…

Reeking of desperation – Trying too hard is perhaps the most potent reason that keeps brushing love away. Reeking of desperation is never a charming parameter when it comes to finding love. The typically ‘love me’ attitude usually leads to generating pity than love. When ladies are faced with such emotions, it is best to let it wade before re embarking on the quest. Talking it out with friends and staying engaged with some constructive activity is sure to help shed the desperation mode.

Idolizing the past – Dwelling in the past can allow the brain to set parameters to judge new opportunities. So, when ladies eventually meet a love prospect, she will immediately start assessing the same in terms of her past experiences. This is one of those moments when the ills of the ex are forgotten and his good sides seem to surge to the forefront. From comparing looks to comparing profession; from comparing ideas to taste palette, just about everything in the new prospect seems dull compared to the ex. The sole solution is to stop, wake up and smell the coffee!

Seeing the present with doubt and dissent – For ladies who have gone through 2 or more breakups, accepting the fact that unconditional love can actually find its way home can be a little too much to believe. This is where the prospect that appears next in life will be viewed with doubts and suspicion till the time the former will wash his hands off and walk the other way. it is necessary to accept the truth that all that humans can do is take a chance and hope for the best. For all you know, the 5th guy you meet could give you 50 glorious years of happiness.

Giving it all in the name of love – This is mostly a trait with ladies who have loved and lost many times over to an extent that they don’t want anything to go wrong this time. This is also the group that tends to latently blame themselves for the breakups and associated experiences. A sort of forced effort is seen in the part of these ladies to try and take the burden of maintaining the relationship solely on their shoulders giving the other party a free end to do as and what he pleases as long as he comes home for dinner.

Giving it all in the name of love exemplifies the absence of this divine feeling in relationships. So it is never a good idea to approach love with an entirely misplaced guilty conscience.

5 Qualities Men Don’t Realize They Need In Their Women

If you hit out to the streets right now and ask any random man the top qualities he wants the woman of his dreams to possess, he is sure to start with aspects like shape, size, the number of out-of-the-world moves they know in bed, their sense of dressing so on and so forth. While this can leave a number of women across the world thoroughly disheartened, the following revelation is sure to bring hope back into this otherwise superficial perception of the fairer gender.

As many may have noticed, most men, who may even be dating underwear models (or the like) tend to distance themselves from the relationship feeling incomplete even after thoroughly fulfilling bedroom adventures. The truth is, this is the century when most men don’t realize that the qualities they actually need in a woman lies elsewhere. Here are 5 qualities that men usually don’t realize they need in their women…

Compassion – Sympathy, empathy, love and compassion complete a woman, makes her more approachable, respectable and lovable. Be it towards friends or family, colleagues at work or even stray animals, compassion is one of those godly qualities that make a man restore faith in the fact that his chosen woman is in all possibility, his ‘better half’.

Commitment – While it is true that it is the men folk who usually cower at the word commitment, a greater section of the human male population expect their women to be commitment ready and not phobic. Whether you like it or not, it gives them a sort of uplifting assurance about their self worth.

Self dependence – Most men like the idea of being the Knight in shining armor for the women they love. However, when it comes to everyday life, extending a shoulder all the time for every little thing can get a little burdensome. Be it emotional and / or financial, men folk of the 21st century expect their women to be capable of handling everyday issues without weeping, whining or complaining about the same.

Benevolence and Forgiveness – This is yet another Godly quality that men don’t realize they need in their women, especially those looking forward to a long and happy relationship. In very simple words, most enlightened men of the 21st century would reel at the thought of having to spend the rest of their lives with women who keep a count of every slip and every little error made by the former through the course of the relationship. What is even worse is being exposed to being fined for the mini crimes at every given opportunity.

Basically, there is more to a woman than being an unrelenting old bat who is not open enough to forgive and benevolent enough to stop making her man pay over and over again for that one single folly committed sometime eons ago.

Funny – More often than not, this is a quality that most women would expect in their man of dreams. However, it is also the other way round. Men breathe free with women who know how to make jokes and take jokes. This may be because deep down inside, men do realize that while shapes and sizes of bodies are sure to change over time; what may never change is the quality of his lady love to bring a smile on his face through every phase of his life.

4 Reasons Why Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable To You

It is true that most women are a more emotionally dependent than most men inhabiting the planet. But, to misread this fact as men are usually emotionally unavailable and label it as ‘normal’ would be completely wrong. In most happy and lasting relationships, both involved individuals are available to each other emotionally and that too willfully. If your man however, has been distant from your needs and refuses to agree to it, here are 4 reasons that can account for his emotional absence…

He has tuned himself out of the relationship – More often than not, men who find their relationships even slightly burdening, tend to tune out of it than discuss it. This is the phase when they also tune themselves out of the emotional needs of their partners mostly because they find it annoying and weighing down on them. As a response to mental distancing, he also becomes completely emotionally unavailable, mostly because from the bottom of his heart, he no longer values or wishes to continue this relationship.

A Solution to Consider Try and talk it out with your partner than enacting emotional dramas and blaming him for a list of follies you have chalked out.

He is emotionally needy himself – If your shoulders are not strong, you cannot lend it to others to cry on… if a man is emotionally needy himself, there is very little hope for him to cater to your emotional needs first. His emotional absence in this respect does not necessarily mean that he is out of love with you or is blind to your needs. Basically, he just needs to settle his turbulence before he can settle yours.

A Solution to Consider – The worries of the world are not laden on your shoulders only. Please ensure being as much emotionally available to your man before you expect him to reciprocate.

Are you being unnecessarily clingy? Issues can be addressed, but non-issues are best left alone to sort themselves out. It is not very unusual for women to be unnecessarily clingy at times expecting a kind of response which their partners cannot generate. Such surreal expectations when not catered to may lead to the generation of a bitter feeling that the latter are acting pricey and not being emotionally available when they should be.

A Solution to Consider – Please be reasonable and rational at all times even while experiencing a surge of emotional upheaval. There is a reason why head has been places above the heart… use your conscious judgement to ascertain if you are being unnecessarily clingy.

He has his attention vested elsewhere – This is a very harsh truth that many women have had to deal with. It is also a proven fact that men stray more easily from relationships than women for a host of justified or unjustified reasons. If your man has been emotionally unavailable to you for a while and you can see a distinct difference in his gestures and behaviors, there is a strong possibility that his interests are vested elsewhere.

A Solution to Consider – 99% men will never agree to having another relationship. However, talking it out is the best solution. If he has been cheating on you, you must know that you deserve better.

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