How to pin down he is officially the “one” for you!

When it is about matters of the heart, it happens that you get nuggets of advice as to how to crack the code to get ‘Mr.Right’, and many more. Everyone stumbles upon the idea that everything cannot sail smoothly when you are in a relationship and bouts of anxiety and depression got to be in the cards. if you have only seen red flags when treading down the road of your own journey of love, happiness can loom large at the backdrop too when you fatefully or accidentally meet HIM! So check out the signs that tell you, he is finally your MAN!

He is your true keeper even finishing off your plates!

Whether it is the lunch at your place or the official dinner where you have made your presence felt to woo your would-be in laws, your plate get dumped with too many delicacies and you cannot finish off, he steps in as the true keeper and eats up the last bite and crusts too with a big smile on his place.

You do not fight over what music is being played

Whether it is the small tiffs when the earphones are plugged in or changing channels while watching music channels, his taste for music and yours match big time and there are no two ways about it! Yes, this can happen that finding the perfect track for each other will not be a messy affair at all, when your mood for music gels well.

No fights over the lavatory

Whether it is deciding on the decor of the lavatory, the accessories to be kept and used, who would use which soap, hot water or towels or who will first step in the washroom- things never go out of hand and it is an all-smiles affair, then surely it’s  a big sign that yes, you have got that perfect HIM!

Sleeping peacefully  and blissfully is a reality

Whether it is fighting with bed sheets to getting irked at the sound of his snoring, couples often complain that all things rosy under one roof, especially when sleeping together is a far-fetched reality. Well, when you find a guy with no tantrums whatsoever and appreciates your choice and say when it comes to sleep, you are lucky! if you are in a live-in relationship, you can say it better.

You never get ‘bored’ in each other’s company

The word ‘bore’ is one of the poisons that can eat up a healthy relationship. So even after years of courtship if you find the sparks flying all the time, then you have reasons to feel jubilant about! You cannot rely spell out that is the secret behind it , but your partner is making you to feel that liberated self in a well-enclosed relationship that make you smile amidst all the adversities that the present-day relationships are in, it is hat’s off to you and your partner.

Since you have got him, take care so that you can take your relationship  to the next level and  nurture it with care!

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