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Why Dating After Divorce Feel Like High School Days

Divorce may not be a very happy experience, but dating after divorce certainly is. Breaking free of a loveless marriage can give rise to a surge of feelings that may have been suppressed for years together. The joys of such resurfacings has the power to bring back the fountain of youth at any age and any phase of life altogether. The happiest part of it all however, is the feeling of returning to the glorious teens that dating after divorce produces. Here are 5 reasons that aptly justify this fact …

Ruled by happy Cluelessness – Teenage love is all about cluelessness and so is dating after divorce. You have practically no clue about where you are heading, for what and with what consequences, and yet you pursue your chances with a heart brimming with excitement and head full of joyous craze. This is the time when you feel that life has just about dealt more than your fair share of grief and this is the phase when your losses are refunded.

Appetite first – When you have been left wanting for a long time, the first thing you do after breaking free of loveless shackles is to indulge in everything you missed. Be it with respect to physical intimacy or with hitting the hangouts you denied yourself for a long time while in marriage, you are all about satisfying your appetite first! And the best part is, there is no one around you to make you feel bad for being yourself again, mostly because you will not allow it in the first place!

Get closer to not-your-types – You may have been brainwashed into dating the ‘family-types’, the ‘dependable income’ types and the like before; but post divorce is the phase when you don’t usually see yourself getting back to the calculated way of choosing life all over again. To you, this was a mistake you made and will never repeat as long as you are alive. This gives you wings to try getting closer to prospective dates who are ‘not your types’ and get the best of it at the same time.

No place for commitment – A list of legal and moral commitments had dragged you all the way down to the bottom of your life experiences and you will not be foolish enough to bring commitments back to the priority list. You may be committed to your job; you may be committed to your children and pets but not the man who appears next in your life. This could remind you of your high school days when commitment was a ten letter word… too long to spell and too long to include in vocabulary!

It’s all about fun – Dating after marriage is all about having fun, and there is no simpler way to express this feeling. This is the phase of your life when you are ‘you’ again and there are no impediments on your way making you feel smaller or lesser in the legal books of commitments. You feel young and beautiful again which gives you all the necessary boost to pursue your life full of fun once again.