What Not To Ask A Woman While Dating Or, EVER!

Being wise with words goes a very long way to as far as making a lasting impression with the opposite gender is concerned. You may be a man who is ruled by none; you may also be an individual who guards his freedom of expression fiercely, but when it comes to controlling your curiosity while with a woman, it is advisable to allow wisdom and commonsense to rule. Based on infinite devastating experienced faced by infinite men, here are 5 questions you must never ask a woman while dating her, or EVER for that matter…

Are you looking for commitment? Yes. Shockingly annoying are the two words that best describes this question. No individual roams around the planet with commitment up and ready on their sleeves to be given away to anyone expressing interest on them anytime and anywhere. However, to display your discomfort for the word ‘commitment’ at the very onset of the date can ruin all possibilities of winning a second date. The solution lies in not bringing up the topic at all.

Which part of your pretty self is plastic? You may be amused at how pretty ‘pretty’ can get, but this is no reason to be vile enough to question authenticity. Asking which part of the body is plastic or has been recreated is a shameful thing to do and playing the ‘honesty’ card does not work anyhow to justify this side of your curiosity. Admire, appreciate and leave it at that.

How long has it been since you were last intimate? This is yet another sample of a question that should be banned from vocabulary in the very first place. Get this straight and get this clear… unless you are her psychiatrist, you have NO business asking her anything around the matter! In fact, the lady in question may end up thinking that it is you who have been desperately lacking intimacy for ages or may have been having manic levels of it, which has caused you ask that in the very first place. Discussing weather instead can lead to more pleasant experiences.

Do you like taking responsibility for your bills? This statement in itself can cause multiple questions about uncertainties surrounding your own life to surface. Whatever made you ask this question in the first place? Are you of the opinion that women in general are free loaders or are you a little too stingy with your wallet. In either ways your ideologies look flawed and you certainly stand no chance winning any respect from the lady who may have been successfully leading her life on her own paying her own bills and may perhaps be capable enough to support a dozen like you.

What’s your take on having children? People of the dark ages had the mind set of limiting the role of women around everything that had anything to do with children and nothing more. Before getting to these limiting questions, it would be nice to know the ‘person’ who has come all the way to meet you for some good time and not face interrogation. Ask her of her favorite movies and hangouts instead for a better experience.

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